Semisonic Debuts First New Music In Nearly 20 Years

Courtesy: Pleasuresonic Records/Megaforce Records

Semisonic has returned.

After being away from the industry for nearly 20 years, the band has released some new music.  The band debuted its new single ‘You’re Not Alone‘ Friday.  The song is the lead single/title track and opening number from the band’s forthcoming EP by the same name.  The Ep is scheduled for release Sept. 18 through Pleasuresonic Recordings/Megaforce Records.

The song’s musical arrangement is a mid-tempo, guitar-driven work that takes listeners back to the 90s, and will keep them engaged and entertained throughout its three-minute-plus run time.

Front man Dan Wilson said in a recent interview, that the song’s lyrical content is a social commentary that come to being from his own experiences.

“I wrote ‘You’re Not Alone’ a couple of years ago at a time when a lot of people, including me, were feeling isolated and despairing about the state of the world and the direction our country was going,” said Wilson.  “We recorded the song last year and I’m really happy that it’s now coming out.  Coincidentally, the song is coming out when both a global pandemic and racial justice protests are compelling us to re-imagine our relationships to each other and the communities we live in. Just as I had hoped when I first wrote it, I hope the song will communicate a sense of connection and comfort, an awareness that we’re not alone.”

Wilson’s fellow Semisonic founding member John Munson added to the discussion, talking about the creation of Semisonic’s new EP.

“I think these songs have a really important and relevant story to tell,” said Munson.
“They embody this spirit of optimism about the possibility we can offer each other in times of hardship and struggle. I’ve always believed that a Semisonic song is one that gives you hope, one that sends you out into the night happy, one that leaves you feeling more connected to whatever it is that makes you human, and that’s something we need now more than ever.”

The EP’s track listing is noted below.

You’re Not Alone Tracklist:
1) You’re Not Alone
2) All It Would Take
3) Basement Tapes
4) Don’t Make Up Your Mind
5) Lightning

In the years since Semisonic released its last album All That Chemistry (2001), Monson, Wilson and fellow founding member Jacob Slichter all kept themselves busy even though the band never officially broke up.  Slichter went on to become a contributor to the New York Times newspaper and to National Public Radio (NPR).  Wilson became a first-call writer and producer.  Wilson has worked with American Public Media and has performed with a variety of bands.

The band officially reunited in 2017 to celebrate the anniversaries of its albums Great Divide and Feeling Strangely Fine.

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