Striker’s Latest LP Wins At 2020 Juno Awards

Courtesy: Striker

Neo-classic rock band Striker received a special honor at this year’s annual Juno Awards.

The band took top honors in the Metal/hard Rock Music Album of the Year category for its latest album Play To Win (2018).  The band’s sixth album, it produced the singles ‘On The Run,’ ‘Head First,’ and ‘Heart of Lies.’

Guitarist Tim Brown shared his thoughts on the win in a recent interview.

“Play to Win: if you want to win you have to play the game. Find the rules and break them,” he said. “This is our 6th album and 3rd independent release. If we followed the rules and listened to the industry people we’d have gone absolutely nowhere. Play To Win is about listening to yourself, following your own path, and playing that 5th ace hidden in your sleeve. This album is designed to light a fire under your ass and get you moving, and we made sure to get the most modern, ear melting sounds possible. It’s all about where metal is going, not where it has been, and this is our soundtrack to success.”

The band talked about the nomination and win in a collective statement.

“We are very grateful for the Juno win this year, especially as an independent band,” the statement reads.  “The Juno is the culmination of all the support from the Canadian music industry we’ve had, from FACTOR, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, and many others, and helps us feel validated as artists. There was a strong lineup of talent at the awards this year, and just to be nominated among them was an honour. We hope everyone stays safe out there and we look forward to returning to live music!”

This year marks the second time Striker has been nominated for the Juno Metal/hard Rock Music Album of the Year category.  It is the first time the band has won in the category.

Other nominees in the category this year were: Kobra and the Lotus, for its album Evolution (2019); Lindsay Schoolcraft, for her album Martyr (2020); Single Mothers, for its album Through A Wall (2018) and The Agonist, for its album Orphans (2019).

The 2020 Juno Awards were originally scheduled to take place March 15 in Sasakatoon, Saskatchewan, but the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak forced its cancellation.  It was rescheduled to take place Monday as a livestream event.

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