Junkowl Debuts Acoustic Performance of Single ‘Crawling Up My Feet’

Photo Credit: Alexandre Guay

Independent stoner rock band Junkowl debuted a stripped down take of its song ‘Crawling Up My Feet’ this week.

The band debuted the acoustic take of the song Thursday through v13.net.  The performance is an in-studio take with front man Jesse Frechette and guitarist Marco Larosa performing the song.  The stripped down take of the song lends itself to comparisons to certain takes of Depeche Mode’s famous song ‘Personal Jesus.’

‘Crawling Up My Feet’ is featured in Junnkowl’s latest album Making Out With My Death, which is also available to stream through v13.net.  Additionally, it is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music and the band’s official Bandcamp page.   The album was released last month.

Making Out With My Death‘s track listing is noted below.


Track Listing:
1. Snakecharmer
2. Quarantine Us All (2:27)
3. Shake Me
4. Dead Hooker (4:40)
5. Little Scum (4:54)
6. Crawling Up My Feet (3:46)
7. Sickness Lives
8. Relapse (3:39
9. Straitjacket
10. 10,000 Vultures
Album Length: 37:28


Frechette explained in a recent interview, the song’s lyrical concept, noting it is about “falling in love with someone when you’re depressed or struggling with addiction, and essentially about how it’s pretty much impossible to love someone properly when you don’t love yourself”

Junkowl debuted the video for the full take of ‘Crawling Up My Feet‘ in May.

More information on Junnkowl’s new acoustic take of ‘Crawling Up My Feet’ is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:


Website: http://www.junkowlmtl.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/junkowlband


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