Lufeh Debuts ‘My World’ Video

Courtesy: Asher Media Relations

Prog-rock band Lufeh debuted the video for its latest single Monday.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘My World‘ through its official YouTube channel.  The song is the latest single from the band’s debut album Luggage Falling Down, which was released in April.  The debut of ‘My World’ and its video comes a month after the band debuted the video for another of the album’s singles, ‘Find My Way‘ and less than a month after it debuted yet another of the record’s singles, ‘The Edge.’

The video for ‘My World’ puts Lufeh’s band members in what is meant to reflect a live setting.  That was done with the intention of helping audiences envision the song’s strength in such a setting.

The musical arrangement at the center of ‘My World’ incorporates elements of classic prog rock from the likes of Rush as well as more modern acts, such as Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater and Platypus.  That is evidenced through the stylistic approach taken by each band member in his respective performance.

Lufeh Drummer and founder Lufeh Batera talked about the song’s musical arrangement in a recent interview.

“‘My World’ offers a different side of the Lufeh / Luggage Falling Down sound,” he said. It’s almost a power ballad but with the rollercoaster twist and turns of a Prog Metal band. The song features a Phrygian dominant chord structure, a bulbul tarang solo, a shredding guitar solo, a funk break down, and lyrics that focus heavily on doing the right thing. The song could be described as ‘if a 20-minute Prog epic could take place over the course of a standard 4.5-minute rock song’.”

The lyrical theme featured in ‘My World’ come across as an introspective statement of sorts.  That is inferred as front man Dennis Atlas — whose vocal delivery sounds strongly like that of Dream Theater front man James LaBrie — sings about doing what’s right and standing for ones’s convictions.

Luggage Falling Down is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music and Lufeh’s official Bandcamp page.  The album’s track list is noted below.


Track Listing:
1. Find My Way (4:25)
2. The Unknown (3:36)
3. Doors (4:06)
4. Trial of Escapade (4:24)
5. My World (4:52)
6. End of The Road (4:05)
7. Escape (4:03)
8. The Edge (4:04)
Album Length: 33:39


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