Ice Nine Kills Celebrates Horror Movie’s Anniversary With New Mini-Doc; Launches New Fan Contest

Ice Nine Kills is celebrating a special anniversary this month.

The band is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the theatrical debut of Jaws with a new mini-documentary.  Jaws made its theatrical debut June 20, 1975.

The documentary features Ice Nine Kills member Ricky Armellino and his father discussing how the elder Armellino came to own the famed harpoon gun used in the timeless horror flick.

Mr. Armellino told his son that he came to own the gun, which played into the killer great white shark’s demise, as a result of a deal involving a classic car and money owed to him.  That is only putting out part of the story.  The rest of the story will be left for audiences to discover for themselves.

The full video is streaming below.


Courtesy: Fearless Records/Cosa Nostra PR


Front man Spencer Charnas shared his own thoughts on the story in a separate interview.

“The horror prop gods smiled upon INK with this extremely cool connection to one of the most important horror films of all time,” said Charnas.  “Now that we have one of the harpoon guns, all we need is a piece of The Orca or The Kintner boy’s severed torso…”

Jaws was the inspiration for the song ‘Rock The Boat,’ which is featured on the band’s album The Silver Scream and its re-issue The Final Cut.  That re-issue featured a handful of bonus acoustic performances of songs featured in the original album.

As an addition to the anniversary celebration, Ice Nine Kills is making available, some beach-ready attire and paraphernalia, such as swimsuits, beach towels, and Jaws-themed face coverings. The items are part of the band’s monthly “Nightmare on the Ninth” celebration and are available to order here.

In other Ice Nine Kills news, the band released its new acoustic EP Undead and Unplugged late last month.  In connection with its release, the band has launched what it has dubbed the “Enjoy Your Slay Vocal/Guitar contest.

The contest encourages fans to submit videos of themselves performing their own acoustic take of ‘Enjoy Your Slay.’  Winners will receive a custom Ice Nine Kills horror axe much like the one used by Jack Nicholson in the classic horror movie The Shining.  Information about entries is available here.

More information on Ice Nine Kills’ new video game, tour dates and more is available online at:






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