Makeout Debuts ‘Home’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Earshot Media

Pop Punk band Makeout is back with a new lineup, single and video.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Home‘ Thursday.  The title track from the band’s forthcoming EP, it features the first performances of American Idol Season 11 contestant/The Frantic front man Kyle Dee on vocals and AJ Khah (ex-Sleep On It) on bass with the band.  The duo joins Makeout’s original members Tyler Young (lead guitar) and Scott Eckel (drums) for the song.

Matt Holmes and Travis Barker (Blink-182) produced the song.  The duo also co-wrote the new song along with Makeout’s members and Jayden Seeley (With Confidence).

Holmes shared his thoughts on the creation of ‘Home’ in a recent interview.

“I had the boys fly to PA with the intention of getting some demos hashed out,” he said.  “After digging in for a week or so, I think we all realized the tunes were turning into something special. We were fortunate enough to have Travis Barker and Matt Malpass work with Scott on the drums and programming, which definitely took the songs and production to another level. It was exciting watching the progression and getting to see the songs come into view. I’m really proud of the band, and I’m confident these songs will help serve as a proper launchpad for the next phase in MAKEOUT’s career.”

The musical arrangement at the center of home is a presentation that will appeal to fans of any pop punk band.  Its lyrical theme will connect with those audiences just as easily.

Dee talked about the song’s lyrical theme in his own discussion.

““Home” is about being completely drained from giving your all to a dead end relationship,” he said.  “It’s about wanting to build a life with somebody and being fed false promises of a picture-perfect future.”

The release date for Makeout’s new EP will be announced soon.  ‘Home’ is available to stream by itself here.

More information on Makeout’s new single and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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