White Not An Album, Bloodywood’s Debut Full-Length Presentation Is Engaging, Entertaining In Its Own Right

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Up-and-coming independent rock band Bloodywood has had quite the journey over the course of the past few years.  This “little band that could” went from being a virtual glimmer in the eyes of its members so long ago to becoming an international sensation, and even performing live at one of the world’s most revered hard rock festivals last year in its first ever tour.  This was all with only a handful of songs and videos on YouTube.  Now fans of the nu-metal band get to experience the band’s story through its own words in its debut documentary.  Released Wednesday – fittingly – through the band’s official YouTube channel, the band’s Raj Against The Machine Tour documentary is a fully engaging and entertaining presentation that will generate more respect among the band’s fan base for the group while also ensuring its star continues rising.  That is due in part to the story itself, which will be discussed shortly.  The on and off-stage footage that is incorporated into the 90-minute-plus documentary adds to the enjoyment and engagement.  It will be discussed a little later.  The documentary’s pacing rounds out its most important elements.  It will be addressed later, too.  All three items noted here are key in their own way to the whole of Bloodywood’s “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary.  All things considered, they make this presentation a journey that audiences will enjoy taking with the band.  It will also leave audiences anticipating the next chapter in the band’s story.

Bloodywood’s debut tour documentary, which follows the band on its Raj Against The Machine Tour, is a presentation that will appeal to the band’s established fan base just as much as it will to those who are less familiar with the band and its work.  That is due in part to the documentary’s story.  Call it a Cinderella tale.  Call it an underdog tale.  Both terms work here.  That is because, as audiences learn from the band members, the adversity that they faced as they worked to achieve their dream.  Given, Bloodywood is hardly the first band to ever face discouragement from naysayers, but the story is no less impacting here than in any other band’s story.  That the band has risen to such stardom all on the back of a handful of songs and videos posted to YouTube is in itself what is really powerful.  It shows the power and influence of the internet and that despite some people’s racist beliefs, music ultimately is universal.  It transcends cultures and borders.  Adding to the story’s appeal is the constant humility displayed by the band members throughout the band’s meteoric rise to fame.  It is so easy for anyone – band or otherwise – to lose sight of who and what is important in life, but these musicians prove unquestionably that it is just as easy to not lose sight of said items.  The whole story concludes with the band’s first ever live set at Wacken, which is an excellent period to the story.  It may not be extensive, but it puts that final note on the success of the band’s live show and why those who got the band to conduct its tour made the right choice.  All things considered here along with the items not noted, the story at the center of the “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary builds a solid foundation for the presentation.  It is just one of the elements that makes the documentary well worth viewing.  The footage that is incorporated into the documentary does its own share to make the doc worth watching.

The footage in question that is featured throughout the “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary takes viewers into the venues at which Bloodywood performed, behind the scenes and even into the heart of a hurricane in Russia.  Audiences get to see the band hard at work entertaining fans live in clubs across Europe.  Those clubs were packed full of people, one apparently even over capacity, showing even more, the band’s popularity.  Audiences also get to hear direct from the fans thanks to a camera kept by the band.  The excitement that the fans (and other bands) show in their own “testimonials” are more illustration as to why the band has risen to fame so fast while also painting its own rich picture of the band in general.  That aesthetic element, coupled with the documentary’s overall story, enriches the overall viewing experience for the documentary even more.  It still is not the last of the doc’s most notable elements.  The program’s pacing puts the finishing touch to its presentation.

The pacing of the “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary is important to note because of the documentary’s length.  As previously noted, the documentary runs just over the 90-minute mark.  For those who have not yet watched, it is separated out into four distinct segments.  The irst two segments, “Foundation” and “Preparation” seem relatively short.  They run collectively all of 16 minutes and six seconds.  That leaves a lot of time for everything else.  The band made the most of that time, too, taking audiences along for the ride on its first-ever tour.  Audiences will be happy to know that at no point did the band ever just phone it in and just throw a bunch of stuff in to fill that space.  The band took audiences along from one venue and concert to the next, giving them the fullest possible experience since not every fan was able to attend the strictly European run.  Just enough time was spent at each venue, both on and off the stage, to give viewers the fullest story of each show.  The result is that audiences will never feel compelled to fast forward through the story or even feel lost.  To that end, it’s one last way in which the “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary proves to be its own successful presentation from Bloodywood.  Together with the footage and the story itself, the whole of the documentary becomes a solid debut doc from the band and even more insurance that this is just the beginning of Bloodywood’s story.

The “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary is a positive debut full-length presentation from Bloodywood.  It may not be an album, but is still entertaining and engaging in its own right.  That is due in part to the fully engaging and entertaining story tat the heart of the 90-minute-plus program.  The footage that is used to help tell the noted story enriches the presentation even more.  The doc’s pacing puts the finishing touch to its whole.  Each  noted item is key in its own way to the whole of the “Raj Against The Machine Tour” documentary.  All things considered, they make this tour doc a good way to tide fans over until the next chapter – hopefully a long awaited debut album or even EP — is written in the band’s story.

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