Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music Debuts ‘Little Cristine’ Video

Musician/author Mickey Leigh and his band mates in Mutated Music debuted the video for their latest single over the weekend.

The group debuted the video for its new single ‘Little Cristine‘ Friday.  The video features the group performing its new single against a CG created backdrop of a subway alongside footage of the band in studio.  Additional video effects are incorporated, such as multiple clones of Leigh himself in some scenes.


Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records


The song’s musical arrangement presents a sound that is easily comparable to works from the likes of The Ramones.  That should come as no surprise since Leigh’s brother is none other than Joey Ramone.  On another even more intriguing note, Leigh’s own vocal delivery conjures thoughts of fellow famed singer Huey Lewis, as do some of the song’s guitar riffs.  It sounds like an odd combination, but it works very well here.

“For all the blabbering about politics and messages, I haven’t lost sight of what attracted me to rock ‘n’ roll and why it was love at first sight — the fun,” he said. “I miss fun rock ‘n’ roll songs. So, I was inspired enough to write one about a guy and his girlfriend having fun. Can you imagine that? It’s called “Little Cristine,” and we did have fun. It’s Mutated Music. I’m working on rescuing rock n roll — one song at a time.”

The debut of ‘Little Cristine’ and its companion video comes less than a month after Leigh and company debuted the video for their then latest single ‘Two Kinds Of Law.

Leigh talked about the song’s topic in a recent interview.

The concept that there are “two kinds of law- one for the rich, and one for the poor,” is not exactly one that came about recently,” he said.  “I first heard those words many decades ago, in a book and film called “In Cold Blood”, and, though said in different words, in a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. I just, recently, felt compelled to write a song about it. Very compelled.”

“The importance of “equality” and “justice for all” has come to the forefront of our lives like never before and, it’s a message that needs to be repeated…repeatedly,” he added.  “There aren’t many ways to repeat a message repeatedly without boring people to tears, aside from immersing it in a catchy chorus and irresistible rhythm.”

Much as is the case in the group’s new single, the musical arrangement at the center of ‘Two Kinds of Law’ features its own throwback sound.  It takes listeners back to the rock and roll from the golden age of the genre, the 1970s.

More information on Mickey Leigh and Mutated Music’s new single is available along with all of the group’s latest news at:



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