Punk Purists Will Enjoy Fore’s Debut LP

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Punk rock super group Fore is scheduled to release its debut album Hombres Friday.  The twelve-song record is a presentation that punk purists will appreciate.  That is due in part to the musical arrangements at the center of the 22-minute record.  This element will be discussed shortly.  Its lyrical content will appeal in its own right to audiences and will be discussed a little later.  The album’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.  It will also be discussed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Hombres.  All things considered, they make Hombres a positive debut from Fore.

Fore’s debut album Hombres is a good start for the band.  That is due in part to its musical arrangements.  The arrangements present a sound and style that will appeal to any punk purist.  What’s more considering that the band’s members — Christian “Speesy” Giesler (ex-Kreator), Jermaine Kling (Venom Prison, Masscare, The Absence), Taylor Nordberg (Masscare, The Absence) and Brian Stephenson (Old James, Skull Fist) — all come from hard rock and heavy metal backgrounds, it shows the reach of each man’s talents and abilities.  That is a strong statement in itself because it shows that these musicians are not just imitators trying to make a quick buck.  Rather it shows they are the real deal.  Nordberg’s performance on guitar alongside that of Giesler on bass and Kling’s on drums creates a sound that lends itself easily to Fore’s more well-known punk counterparts.  More specifically, the group’s work will appeal to fans of the band’s punk counterparts in Pennywise, Offspring, and NoFx.  That is evident right from the album’s outset in ‘Pet.’ The song, which comes in at less than 90-seconds, is so tight and controlled from each musician.  Even as short as the song is – one minute, 24 second to be precise – the precision in each line makes the song in whole a solid start for the album and an equally powerful first impression from the group.  Much the same can be said of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ in regards to its overall musical presentation.  Each line is consistently in time with the others throughout the course of the song’s run time, which barely tops the two-minute mark at two minutes, one second.  This fiery punk opus is everything that purists of the genre have come to love throughout the years.  Even in a song, such as ‘World Won’t Wait,’ which is not the knife-sharp work that many of the album’s other arrangements are.  It has more of a mainstream punk sound in its approach.  Even with that in mind, it still puts the group’s collective talents on display, proving that the band can play just as controlled in something at a slightly lower tempo as it can when it pus forth something more up-tempo.  Considering this and the musical presentations in the rest of the album’s songs, the whole of the album’s musical content more than makes it a viable punk rock record.  It’s just one part of what makes the album worth hearing.  The record’s lyrical content adds its own share of appeal to the album.

The lyrical content featured throughout Hombres will appeal just as much to punk purists as that of any other punk rock record.  On the same note, it will appeal just as much to those fans as it will to listeners in general.  The album’s finale, ‘Today We Rise (No Tomorrow) is just one of the songs that serves to support the noted statements.  The song is, lyrically, a proudly defiant song about standing up for one’s own self and generation in whole.  He sings, “I’m gonna live/Gonna live for today/I’m gonna do it/There’s no other way/I’m gonna fight/Fight for the truth/’Cause there’s nothing left to do.”  This is a time honored take among punk, rock and metal alike.  So to that end, it is again, a work that finds itself accessible for any listener within the rock and metal communities.  That is especially the case considering that it is not presented in some overly artsy presentation that is full of hyperbole and metaphorical language.  That simplicity is sure to engage and entertain listeners just as much.

‘Movement’ is another key example of the importance of this album’s lyrical content.  Much as is the case with the record’s closer, this 92-second (one minute, 32-second) song’s lyrical content is straight forward in its own right, opening with the band members singing about climate change – “mother nature/Taking over…she’s the last thing on our minds/Get up on your feet/Let’s see some movement.”  The band also takes on the general state of the world in the song’s second verse, urging people to “arm yourself with knowledge.”  Yet again, here is a lyrical theme that is commonplace from punk to rock to metal (and even in other genres, considering the funk and R&B acts of the past that stood against the establishment).  To that end, the song’s lyrical content proves just as welcome as would be in any other song past or present.  It’s just one more way in which the album’s lyrical content proves pivotal.  It’s hardly the last way in which the record’s lyrical content proves its value.  ‘What’s Right For You’ is one more way in which the album’s lyrical content shows its worth.

The lyrical theme at the center of ‘What’s Right For You’ is another universal topic, that of promoting individuality.  That is made clear right from the start of the two-minute, 11-second song as Stephenson sings, “I felt it then, I feel it now/I have the certainty now/The pinnacle of authenticity/I gotta lay my truth/Come now whatever may/I will find it all/I get the opportunity/I am just what I want to be/And you know that is true/You know just what to do/This ain’t nothing new/Can’t refuse/You know what’s right for you.”  This is more poetic than metaphorical.  It is relatively straight forward as it delivers that message of self realization and the importance thereof.  The song’s second verse adds to that message, with Stephenson singing, “Death the only certainty/I’d better make this life worthwhile/I seen it then, I see it now/living is the only way how…”Again, this is that message of standing up for one’s self and of individuality and making the most of life.  It is a theme that will resonate with plenty of listeners.  Considering that along with the other lyrical themes noted here and the rest of the album’s lyrical content, the whole makes clear why this record’s lyrical content is so important to its whole.  When all of that lyrical content is considered along with the album’s musical content, that whole leaves doubtless why this record succeeds as much as it does.  It is still not the last of the album’s most important elements.  The sequencing of the album’s content rounds out its most important elements.

As has already been noted, Hombres is a full-on punk rock record that purists of the genre will appreciate.  That is due to its musical and lyrical content.  The sequencing thereof makes the album even more appealing for the noted fans.  The album’s run time is only 22 minutes, but over the course of that time, its energy barely lets up at any point if at all.  The fiery guitar riffs and precision time keeping works with the bass and vocals to make each song feel full even despite the songs’ short lengths.  That in itself will leave listeners feeling fulfilled.  Add in that each of the songs’ lyrical themes will resonate with audiences from one to the next, and audiences’ engagement is ensured even more.  Keeping this in mind along with the value of the content by itself, and audiences get in Hombres a presentation that is one of the year’s most surprisingly enjoyable records so far this year.

Punk rock super group Fore’s debut album Hombres is a presentation that punk purists are certain to enjoy.  That is due in part to its collective musical arrangements, which offer audiences some familiar sounds and stylistic approaches that are still at least somewhat unique in their own way.  The album’s lyrical themes are familiar in their own way and are certain to resonate with punk aficionados as well as rock and metal fans.  The sequencing of all of that content puts the finishing touch to the album.  All things considered, the record proves itself a presentation that punk fans will find worth hearing at least once if not more.

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