Helion Prime Debuts ‘The Forbidden Zone’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Saibot Reigns

Power metal band Helion Prime debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘The Forbidden Zone‘ Monday.  The song and its companion video are the first from the band’s forthcoming third album Question Everything.

Pre-orders are open now for Question Everything.   The album’s track listing is noted below.


Track Listing:
1. The Final Theory (4:20)
2. Madame Mercury (4:19)
3. Prof (3:55)
4. The Gadfly (6:35)
5. Photo 51 (5:13)
6. E Pur Si Muove (5:48)
7. Words of The Abbot (4:55) ft. guest vocals John Yelland (Judicator, Dire Peril)
8. The Forbidden Zone (4:32)
9. Question Everything (5:56) ft. Heather Michele (ex-Graveshadow, ex-Helion Prime) and Sozos Michael (ex-Helion Prime, Planeswalker)
10. Reawakening (6:54)
11. Kong at the Gates (Misfits Cover)
Album Length: 56:12



The song’s musical arrangement will appeal to fans of fellow power metal act Unleash The Archers while its arrangement is pat of a bigger story that will engage and entertain audiences.  ‘The Forbidden Zone’ is available to stream through Spotify.

Guitarist Jason Ashcroft talked about the song’s (and album’s) lyrical content in a recent interview.

“I have had plans to write a song based on the film Planet of the Apes for some time now,” he said. “I love films and just needed the right time. The character Cornelius really fits into the theme I was going for with this album. He is the only fictional character to be featured on this album.”

“This album has truly been amazing to work on,” added Ashcroft. “The idea behind it is something I’ve been holding on to since around the time I started the band. Aside from writing some of what I consider to be Prime’s best work it was a great experience getting to work with Heather again on an album as she once again contributed her talents for the lyrics.”

The bigger picture of the album is that it focuses on different figures in history who challenged the norms of their societies and cultures.  This despite the results of their actions.

The album is scheduled for release Oct. 5 through the band’s own label, Saibot Reigns.  It is the band’s first with new vocalist Mary Zimmer.  Former vocalist Heather Michele returned for the album, but in a writing capacity and writing all the album’s lyrics and some of its melodies.

Additionally, Michele provided guest vocals for the album along with other former Helion Prime vocalists Sozos Michael and John Yelland (Judicator/Dire Peril).

Question Everything was mixed by Chris Collier and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima.  Alex nassla (Gear Gods Studio) provided additional mixing/drum edits/re-amping.  Michael Goodrich provided guitar-bass edits.

The cover art for Question Everything was created by Marc Whisnant.

More information on the band’s new album and single is available along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:


Website: http://helionprimemetal.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/helionprimemetal


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