Anti-Mortem Debuts ‘STFU’ Video

Courtesy: RMG Records

Anti-Mortem is tired of people running their mouths before they speak.

That is the lyrical theme featured in the up-and-coming independent metal band’s new single ‘STFU.’  The band debuted the single Friday evening.  Its debut comes more than a month after the band debuted its then latest single, ‘Washita Bridge.’

The band’s new singles are its first new music since it released its debut album New Southern in 2014.  The band “went on hiatus” in 2016, following the album’s release, with some of its members joining Texas Hippie Coalition in the process.  Now featuring a revamped lineup — Timmy “The Hitman” Braun (drums), Coleby Thompson (bass), Arik Hanradton (guitar), and founding members Rado Romo (vocals) and Nevada Romo (guitar) — the band has presented a renewed energy in its southern sludge-based sound.

The lyrical content featured in the band’s latest single is powerful in its own right as it takes no prisoners.  Rado Romo takes on people on both sides of the political and social aisles as he reminds people to think before they speak, adding people don’t have to agree with each other, but before they start spouting off, they need to make sure they know what can happen as a result of their words.

Rado Romo said of the song’s lyrical message, “‘STFU’ is an all-out, hard-hitting push forward with no BS riffs and straight to the point vocals. Our anger and frustration are driven by current events and the vibes of today’s political climate. We waste no time slamming the hammer down with this heavy hitter.”

While Romo and company present what some may consider tough love in the band’s new single, it is a reminder that many will agree is welcome.

In related news, Anti-Mortem is scheduled to perform live Saturday at The Shrine in Tulsa, OK.  The performance is in support of the debut of ‘STFU’ and ‘Washita Bridge.’

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