Eric Zayne’s New Single Is Getting Some Celebrity Love

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent rocker Eric Zayne is getting a big push thanks to a very well-known celebrity.

Zayne debuted his new single ‘Coming Undone‘ Monday.  The single is the new sound of famed pro wrestler/actor/TV host Dwayne Johnson’s new collaboration with Under Armour clothing, #ProjectRock.  The song is even featured in Johnson’s Progress Workout Playlist.

The new song was co-written by Zayne, Naz Tokio, and Lauren Hashian.  It was performed and produced by Zayne.  The song’s musical arrangement boasts a bluesy approach and sound that also incorporates a touch of stoner rock influence to its whole.

Zayne’s own vocal delivery plays into that sound, adding a slightly gritty touch to the song while the subtle, steady beat on the floor tom adds to the arrangement’s infectious nature.  The song’s bass line expertly compliments that steady drum beat to enrich the song even more.

The lyrical theme featured in Zayne’s new song addresses the personal obstacles that Zayne has faced in life and his overcoming of those obstacles.

Zayne discussed this matter in a recent interview.

“I am a refuge kid,” he said. “I represent the displaced people who feel like they don’t belong. Being a child of war from the Congo evacuated at the age of 12 without my family left me to raise myself. I learned my strength in do or die scenarios, but I also picked up a lot of demons. I was lucky enough to find music early on and ride its wings performing all over the world which includes Asia, Europe, Canada and the US, all since I was 15 years old. I’m driven by the belief that we are all individually special and have our path to walk. I hope to bring some light to those who need it.”

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