WoR Debuts Cover Of Offspring’s ‘Come Out And Play’

Courtesy: Bungalo Music/Universal Music Group

Independent metal band WoR debuted its cover of a punk classic this week.

The band debuted its cover of Offspring’s hit song ‘Come Out And Play‘ Thursday. the cover is the latest single from the band’s new album Prisoners.  The album has also produced the singles

VI Kings‘ and ‘Predator.’  The album’s track listing is noted below.

Track Listing:
1. Kill You (2:44)
2. Caged (5:13)
3. VI Kings (4:37)
4. Sirens (4:20)
5. A Place To Die (3:07)
6. Predator (3:46)
7. T.G.S.O.A.T (1:35)
8. Come Out and Play (3:12)
9. Hiraeth (4:36)
10. Freedom Suicide (3:57)
Album Length: 37:12

The band’s updated take on the song stays true to Offspring’s original work, but amps things up a bit with a much heavier guitar riff, bass and drums.  Front man Dexter Holland’s vocals are replaced here with the much harsher vocals of WoR front man Bobby Demoss.

The whole of the band’s performance gives Offspring’s original a whole new identity complete with heavy guitar breakdown in its bridge.

The band discussed how and why it covered the song in a prepared statement.

“We chose this iconic song for its energy, attitude, and lyrical message,” the statement reads. “We felt it spoke to the overall theme of our album, which discusses similar topics such as rebellion, anger, and rage. We were messing around at practice one day and were playing this song and felt that we could really inject some new life into it. We bumped up the tempo, tuned down, threw a breakdown in the middle, and incorporated Bobby Demoss’ trademark screaming vocals to achieve that goal.”

More information on WoR’s new album is available along with the band’s latest news at:






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