The Lonely Ones Debuts New Single, ‘Real Big Trouble’

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent rock band The Lonely Ones debuted its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted its new single ‘Real Big Trouble‘ Friday.  The song is the band’s first new music since the debut of its single ‘The Lonely One’ March 23.  The band debuted its cover of Queen’s Flash Gordon theme song in July.  Its debut was not connected to Arrow Video’s re-issue of Universal’s 1980 movie last month.  The movie was an adaptation of the classic comic strip.

The Lonely Ones’ cover of Queen’s original has received praise from Queen guitarist Brian May and Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones, since its debut.

May said of the cover, “What a fantastic cover! I didn’t realize they were going to go into The Hero and the whole reprise…magnificent!”

Jones also praised the band’s cover.

“This is one of the best covers I have ever heard and seen,” he said. “What a gifted group – The Lonely Ones are for everyone of us, from the 1980’s to right now!”

The Lonely Ones’ new single is a heavy work that will fit into any active rock radio station programmer’s daily play list.  The melodic hard rock arrangement featured in the song is grounded in its bass and drums.  The guitar and vocals build on that foundation to flesh out the song even more.

The lyrical content featured in this song hints at someone who has caved under the pressure of his past. He even goes so far as to say, “I’m ready for the judgement day/I’m crawling out of my skin/I got myself in some real big trouble again.”

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