Arrow Video Announces ‘Warning From Space’ Re-Issue Date, Specs

Courtesy: Arrow Video/Toho Company/Daiei Sttudios

Arrow Video will resurrect the 1956 Japanese science fiction flick Warning From Space next month.

The company is scheduled to re-issue the movie Oct. 13 on Blu-ray.  The story centers on a race of beings from another world that has come to Earth to warn the planet’s people about an impending meteor impact.  The problem is that the beings look like starfish.  Knowing that they will only terrify the planet’s inhabitants, one of the beings takes on the form of a human female so as to spread the warning.

Originally distributed through Toho Company and Daiei Studios, the movie was the first Japanese science fiction movie to be presented in color.  its forthcoming release marks its first-ever high definition release in the United States and a newly restored English dub.

As an added bonus, the movie will also feature a feature-length audio commentary by author Stuart Galbraith IV.  Galbraith wrote the book Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo!

Pre-orders for Warning From Space are open.

More information on Arrow Video’s Warning From Space re-issue is available along with all of the company’s latest news at:




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