Craft Recordings Continues Its 70th Anniversary Of ‘Peanuts’ With New Video

Craft Recordings continued its celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Peanuts‘ debut in newspapers worldwide.

The company is celebrating the anniversary with the debut of a new animated video for the beloved song ‘The Great Pumpkin Waltz. The song is featured in the timeless Peanuts primetime TV special It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

The video opens with Linus’ classic letter to The Great Pumpkin, asking for lots of toys. From there, the curtain lifts to show Linus in the pumpkin patch in which he waited all that fateful night with Sally for The Great Pumpkin. As the video progresses, a series of pumpkins and presents wrapped in orange with green ribbons fill the screen against a constantly changing backdrop, all the while the song playing over the video.

Courtesy: Craft Recordings

‘The Great Pumpkin Waltz’ was last featured on the 2012 CD re-issue of A Charlie Brown Christmas‘ soundtrack as one of two bonus tracks. The other bonus track was one of the songs from the Peanuts primetime Thanksgiving TV special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Neither song is featured in Craft Recordings’ recently released vinyl re-issue of the soundtrack, which is at least the seventh of the soundtrack’s re-issues.

In related news, Craft Recordings has curated a playlist of music from the Peanuts specials as an added way to celebrate the beloved comic strip’s anniversary. The playlist is available here. It features songs from Peanuts movies and specials, such as A Boy Named Charlie Brown — the first of the Peanuts animated features — There’s No Time For Love, Charlie Brown, and You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown, as well as It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

More information on this and other titles from Craft Recordings is available at:




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