Mraz, Jade, Vale, May Collaborate On New Socially Conscious Single, Video

Courtesy: Pacific Records

Jason Mraz has partnered with Rebecca Jade, Miki Vale, and Veronica May for a new socially conscious song.

The quartet debuted the new song, ‘Bad Wolves’ Tuesday through Entertainment Tonight Canada. The song features Mraz and company performing the song in the backdrop of an affluent suburb. There is dancing, and a sign noting, “Stop killing black people.” The sign and song’s lyrics make easily know, the message in the song’s lyrical content.

Mraz discussed the video and song in a prepared statement.

“On and on throughout history, art has aided in the enlightenment and transformation of humanity,” he said. “Today, I am proud to participate with my fellow artists to help amplify the optimism and education needed to combat systemic racism in America. ‘Bad Wolves’ is more than a song. It’s a four-dimensional experience of music, poetry, visual art, and dance. It’s a virtual march for peace. A call for change – calling out injustices when we see them, while signaling the silent to wake up. It’s not political. It’s ethical.”

Jade added to Mraz’s comments, expanding specifically on the song’s lyrical theme.

“‘Bad Wolves’ is about perspective and is a rally cry for the acknowledgement of racial injustice and police brutality, while calling out the blind eye of the unaffected – in musical form,” she said.

‘Bad Wolves’ is available now to stream and download through Pacific Records here. Proceeds from the sale of the single will go to benefit the black-owned nonprofit Bay Vista. The nonprofit works to help the needs of the black community.

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