Frances England Celebrates Family With New Single, Video

Courtesy: 8 Pound Gorilla Records

Grammy-nominated singer Frances England gave audiences their first preview of hew new EP this week.

England premiered the video for her new single, ‘Glue‘ Thursday. The song is the lead single from England’s forthcoming EP Honey, which is scheduled for release Nov. 6 through 8 Pound Gorilla Records. The video features visuals, such as a father and daughter shopping together at a grocery story, a mother and son bicycling together, and two sisters dancing together.

The imagery featured in the video is meant to help illustrate the message in the song’s lyrical theme. The theme in question is that of the importance of family and the ties that bind.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Glue’ is a gentle, semi-acoustic presentation that features England singing gently alongside a guitar. A pair of bongos builds on that foundation in its own subtle fashion, adding to the song’s impact.

The track listing for Honey is noted below.

Frances England  –  Honey
Track list

  1. Glue 2:18
  2. Best Friends (Alternate Version) 3:02
  3. Red Balloon (Alternate Version 3:03
  4. Honey 2:02
  5. Home 2:00 
  6. Daddy-O (Alternate Version) 3:09

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