Ice Nine Kills Debuts ‘The Silver Stream’ Trailer

Courtesy: Cosa Nostra PR/Fearless Records

Ice Nine Kills debuted a new trailer this week for its upcoming livestream event, dubbed “The Silver Stream.”

The band debuted the cinematic trailer, which features Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1,000 Corpses, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) talking with front man Spencer Charnas. Meanwhile as Moseley and Charnas talk, the trailer proceeds to show a masked figure “killing” Charnas’ band mates and adds in a creepy message that “if you’re online to chat, you’re in line to die.” Moseley will serve as host of the event.

The livestream’s trailer plays out very much in the same style as the videos for the singles from the band’s latest album The Silver Scream. Viewer discretion is advised as there is some blood and overt violent content in the trailer.

Thursday’s ticketed event is scheduled to take place at noon ET Thursday on Sirius XM’s Octane channel, one day ahead of the release of INK’s new live recording I Heard They Kill Live. It will also feature an early presentation of the noted concert. The stream will re-air at 7 p.m. and midnight.

I Heard They Kill Live is scheduled for release Oct. 30 through Fearless Records on separate CD and vinyl platforms. The performance was recorded at the band’s hometown show in Worcester, MA on Nov. 19, 2019.

Front man Spencer Charnas talked about the performance during a recent interview.

“The Worcester Palladium holds a very special place in the heart of INK’s history,” he said. “On September 22nd, 2000, I attended a Goldfinger/Mest concert there that changed the course of my life. I knew after that incredibly high-energy show that I wanted to dedicate my life to writing and performing my own music. One year later, INK’s first show would take place on the very same stage at a battle of the bands that we did not win. The concert is pictured in this album insert. 18 years later we sold out the very same 3,000 capacity venue and recorded this live album there—a full circle moment that I will never forget. This album is dedicated to the INK psychos who allow us to make murder and mayhem an actual career.”

Ice Nine Kills debuted a live clip of ‘Stabbing in the Dark‘ — which is featured in I Heard They Kill Live — Oct. 9. ‘Stabbing in the Dark’ is just one of the songs that is featured in the recording. The presentation features a total of 19 songs from across the band’s catalog, such as ‘Communion of the Cursed, ‘The Nature of the Beast,’ and ‘Me, Myself & Hyde.’

The recording’s set list is noted below.




1. Thank God It’s Friday

2. The Jig Is Up


4. The Nature Of The Beast

5. The World In My Hands

6. Communion Of The Cursed

7. A Grave Mistake

8. Your Number’s Up

9. Rocking The Boat

10. Merry Axe-Mas

11. Thriller

12. Hell In The Hallways

13. Stabbing In The Dark

14. The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage

15. Love Bites

16. Tess-Timony

17. Me, Myself and Hyde

18. The American Nightmare

19. IT Is The End

In other news, INK recently launched a new fan community Friday called the “Psychos Only Club.”  The app-based fanclub gives its members access to exclusives, such as band member social feeds, updates about the band, merchandise, and videos.

Charnas said in a recent interview, he believes the band’s fans will appreciate the new INK fan community outlet.

“This is going to add a killer new dimension to the INK fandom universe!,” he said.  “Complete with exclusive never before see content, this will allow our audience to break down the barrier between band and fan and see what really happens behind the screams.”

Along with everything noted, the new fan community will allow fans to take part in giveaways, watch parties, and even trivia with the band, and members-only merchandise, ticket & VIP packages for live shows.

Courtesy: Cosa Nostra PR/Fearless Records

In even more news, INK released a new double-sided vinyl on Record Store Day, Oct. 24. The six-song vinyl collects tracks from the band’s latest album The Silver ScreamThe Final Cut for presentation. Its track listing is noted below.

The Silver Scream: Killer Cuts

Record Store Day Exclusive 10″ Vinyl



Your Number’s Up



Stabbing In The Dark (Acoustic) feat. Matt Heafy

Savages (Acoustic)

Thank God It’s Friday (Acoustic) feat. Ari Lehman

More information on Ice Nine Kills’ new fan community is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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