TesseracT’s ‘Altered State’ Re-Issue Will Find A Very Targeted Appeal

Courtesy: Century Media Records

Progressive metal band TesseracT is resurrecting its 2013 sophomore album Altered State.  The band is scheduled to re-issue the record Friday on an extended 4LP/2CD box set.  The set’s re-issue is centered around the addition of the previously unreleased isolated instrumentals recorded during the album’s sessions.  This aspect will be discussed shortly.  That the band featured the noted instrumentals not just on one, but both platforms is its own positive that deserves its own attention.  The box set’s average price point rounds out its most important elements.  That is especially considering the average prices for vinyls in this day and age.  It will be addressed later, too.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of TesseracT’s vinyl re-issue of Altered State.  All things considered, this presentation is one that will appeal mainly to the band’s most devoted audiences.

TesseracT’s forthcoming re-issue of its 2013 sophomore album Altered State is a presentation that will appeal largely to the band’s most devoted fan base.  That is thanks in part to the inclusion of the album’s previously unreleased isolated instrumental tracks.  For those who might not already know how the creation of songs works, instrumentals are recorded and mixed separate within themselves and even separate from vocal tracks.  The instrumentals that accompany songs’ lyrical content can either compliment that lyrical content or even give that content (and itself) a whole new identity and impact.  The thing is that when the two sides are coupled it is sometimes (actually often) difficult to focus just on one or the other.  By presenting the isolated instrumentals, audiences are able to focus just on the instrumentals.  This in turn allows the band members’ talents to really shine and get the appreciation that they deserve.  The djent nature of so much of the record’s musical arrangements is on full display here alongside the record’s darker, heavier, moments, which were clearly influenced by the likes of Fates Warning, Tool, and Dream Theater.  Simply put, having the instrumentals isolated and available for audiences to hear by themselves for the first time is plenty of incentive for TesseracT’s most devoted fans to own this re-issue of Altered State.  Adding in to that appeal is the fact that Century Media has made sure not to alienate any of the band’s fans in the process.

TesseracT’s forthcoming re-issue of Altered State is a box set that features the band’s landmark album and its isolated instrumentals on vinyl and CD.  In other words, whether a fan takes the side of vinyl or CD, audiences on both sides of that discussion will get to enjoy the full presentation.  The only catch is that regardless of which side audiences take, they will have to purchase the box set in whole in order to get the experience.  That can easily be construed as a negative, and yes to a point it is negative.  That is because owning the 4LP vinyl set is going to be more expensive than owning the 2CD set by itself.  Owning both together is even more expensive.  On the other hand, by owning the re-issue together in both formats, Century Media’s officials are making sure that all of their bases are covered.  Their logic is understandable.  By having the set together in one box  means that again, both sides of the discussion are covered.  It also means that those audiences who themselves take both sides can enjoy the album’s re-issue whether on vinyl at home (or a family or friend’s place) or in their cars.  In other words, again, all the bases are covered, so Century Media has actually done a favor for all of TesseracT’s fans here.  It is just one more way in which this record’s re-issue proves to be a boon for TesseracT’s most devoted fans, and not the last.

The average price point of Altered State’s re-issue rounds out its most important elements.  As has already been noted, the price of the re-issue together in one full 4LP/2CD set is not inexpensive.  The box set’s average price point – using price listings at Amazon, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble Booksellers (it was not listed at Walmart, Target, or Books-A-Million) – comes to $67.32.  As expensive as that is, it is in line with other expanded vinyl box sets that are available from other acts in terms of pricing.  To that end, while the noted devotees will shell out quite a bit for the set, it is not above the price for other vinyl collections that are out there.  For instance, Motorhead’s newly released Ace of Spades box set – released Oct. 30 – is priced at approximately $165.  It features far more content, though.  Single disc vinyls will run audiences between $25-$30, depending on the retailer.  To that end, the price point for this collection is up there but not overly so.  Amazon’s price of $65.98 is the least expensive, though literally by just a penny from the listing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers ($65.99).  Best Buy lists the set at $69.99.  Simply put, regardless of the retailer, the single pricing at each noted retailer is below the noted average.  What’s more, it is below the $100 mark, making for even more encouragement for the band’s devotees to pick up this re-issue.  When this is considered along with the overall content and its availability, all three elements join to leave no doubt as to why TesseracT’s biggest fans will appreciate this set.

TesseracT’s forthcoming re-issue of its 2013 sophomore album Altered State is a presentation that will appeal to a very targeted group of the band’s fans.  Those fans will be glad to know that there is plenty of motivation to own the new box set, too.  That is proven in part through the fact that the re-issue features the album’s instrumentals isolated alongside the full album in this presentation.  That the isolated tracks and albums are featured on the box set’s vinyl and CD platforms make for even more motivation for the noted audiences to own this collection.  The set’s average and separate price listings are their own motivation.  The average and separate listings are below the $100 mark.  What’s more, the separate listings are below the average price point, making for even more appeal.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the box set’s presentation.  All things considered, TesseracT’s most devoted fans can be assured that this box set is a positive investment and addition to their music libraries. 

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