Alter Bridge Debuts ‘Last Rites’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Napalm Records

Alter Bridge debuted the video lyric video for its new single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Last Rites,’ which is featured in the band’s new live recording Walk The Sky 2.0. The recording is scheduled for release Friday through Napalm Records.

The record will release on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.

Walk The Sky 2.0 will be available in the following formats:
-Jewelcase CD
-Jewelcase CD + Shirt (Napalm Records Mailorder only, ex-North America)
-Cream Vinyl LP Gatefold
-Inkspot Yellow/Black Marbled Vinyl LP Gatefold (Napalm Records Mailorder only, ltd to 150 copies in North America)
-2-CD Earbook [+Walk The Sky(Napalm Records Mailorder only, ltd to 300 copies)
-Digital Album [+Walk The Sky]

‘Last Rites’ is the recording’s sole studio recording, while its other recordings all live material.

‘Last Rites’ was written, recorded and produced this year during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.  The song captures a lot of the energy and mindset of everything happening today as a result of the pandemic.  That is presented in part through the song’s heavy, guitar-driven arrangement.  While the musical arrangement featured in this composition is mostly what audiences have come to expect from Alter Bridge, the song will also appeal to fans of Alice in Chains.  That is because there are moments throughout the arrangement echo the dual vocal approach for which Alice in Chains came to be known over the years.  The pairing of these two elements make for quite the engaging and entertaining work in its own right.  When the musical arrangement is paired with the song’s equally hard hitting lyrical theme, the song gains even more impact.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Last Rites’ comes across as a social statement of sorts.  That is especially in the song’s chorus, in which front man Myles Kennedy sings, “The future’s all but written” before telling listeners to prepare for the death of their way of life.  Going backward, he sings in the song’s lead verse, “I’ve seen the future/Yeah/The writing’s on the wall/And it don’t’ look that good to me/Tear out the sutures put in place to save us all/Well that’s your right/But wait and see/You don’t know where this goes/Wait until tomorrow/You don’t know/Where this goes/One day you will see.”  This points at a statement that perhaps people need to be sure of what they are doing before they go and do it.  This is inferred just as much in the song’s second verse, which finds Kennedy singing, “Protest the boundaries/Put in place that hold you down/Scream in defiance/Storm the gates…In the end you’ll seal our fate.”  From here Kennedy and company return to the song’s chorus, which reminds listeners that “the future’s all but set in stone…there’s no time to wallow in the undertow.”  Again, this hints at a message of being sure we know what we are doing and why, whether it be in reaction to everything going on in the world’s current age or any other time.  This is purely this critic’s own interpretation and should not be taken as the only interpretation.  Regardless, what can be inferred from this is that the song is clearly a commentary, and a hard hitting one at that.

Alter Bridge’s lyric video for ‘Last Rites’ is just its latest video. The band debuted the video for its song ‘Native Son‘ last month. That song is featured in the band’s album Walk The Sky, which was released last year.

The stop motion style video was created by Stefano Bertelli.  It uses origami along with stop motion to tell the song’s story and opens in the old west town of Deadwood.  The town eventually crumbles away and is replaced by a futuristic city, and at the center of it all is an unidentified figure who is struggling to survive through all of the changes. The visualization is meant to help translate the message in the song’s lyrical content, whose chorus finds front man Myles Kennedy singing, “I’m a native son in a foreign land/I’m just living in a world I can’t understand.”

More information on Walk The Sky 2.0 and Alter Bridge’s new single and video is available online now at:




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