Small Town Titans Debuts ‘Let Me Breathe’ Video

Courtesy: AntiFragile Music

Small Town Titans debuted the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted the video for its new single, ‘Let Me Breathe‘ Friday. The song and its video are the seventh from the band’s new album The Ride. The single’s premiere follows the debut of the album’s other singles: ‘Rufflin’ Feathers,’ ‘Junkie For You,’ ‘Universal Limits,’ ‘The Man,’ ‘9 to 5‘ and a cover of Marcy Playground’s ‘Sex and Candy.’

The Ride is available to stream and download here.

‘Let Me Breathe’ is the most Alter Bridge-esque song featured in The Ride in terms of its musical arrangement.  That is made clear through the combination of the song’s instrumentation and Freeman’s vocal delivery style.  Even the choruses play out like a mirror image to Alter Bridge’s work.  That is not necessarily a bad thing because the work still maintains its own identity despite the clear comparison.  It is just one part of what makes the song worth examining.  The song’s lyrical theme adds its own touvh to the work.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Let Me Breathe’ comes across as a familiar story of one’s battle with one’s inner self. The band confirmed that to a point in a prepared statement, which notes, “Let Me Breathe is about facing the music, and acknowledging, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn so beautifully puts “…the line that separates good and evil right through every human heart.”

This is a familiar lyrical theme for so much music, not just rock.  It is inferred right from the song’s lead verse and chorus, in which Freeman sings, “There’s a game of hide and seek tonight/Between my shadow and I/And it starves for something greater now/As I sit here satisfied/It whispers in my ear and tries/To sell my soul for things that I don’t need/It seems it won’t stop until I break/Especially when I start to speak/Let me breathe as I try to clear the weight inside/As I find my saving grace this time/Cause the hunger never fades /No the hunger never fades/Let me be as I try to steal away this night/As I try to clear the weight inside/Cause the hunger never fades/No the hunger never fades/Let me breathe as I try to clear a space inside.”  That inner battle theme is made just as clear in the song’s second verse, in which Freeman sings, “This game we play is zero sum/There’s no winner and no higher ground/But at least these words they save my pain/From this battle to which I’m bound/I say/Trust me you don’t want any of this/Trust me you don’t want any of this/Trust me you don’t want any of these empty lies/So get behind me and follow the leader/Get behind me and follow the leader/Don’t forget your place and remember why.”  The existential message is confirmed without doubt in the song’s third and final verse, which states, “And I hope to God that this saves you too/Cause we all have shadows in our minds/And all they want is everything and all we have is time/And all that we can try to do is lead them to the light.”  Overall, the song’s message is one of hope for listeners, reminding audiences that those shadows can be eliminated and that we can breathe again.  This is a positive message that will resonate with listeners every day.  When it is couple with the song’s radio ready musical arrangement, the whole of the song becomes a work that every listener will appreciate.  When the song is considered with the others examined here, the album’s current singles, and its one remaining song, the whole of this record proves to be a “rock solid” (yes, that awful pun was intended, too) album.

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