Vis Mystica Takes On ‘Star Wars’ Story In New Single, Album

Courtesy: Asher Media Relations

Independent metal band Vis Mystica is giving audiences their first preview of its new album.

The duo — Devin Dewer and Connor McCray — debuted the lead single from its forthcoming album Celestial Wisdom on June 8 in the form of ‘Lux Et Veritas.’ the album is scheduled for release in 2021. The song is one part of a concept album crafted by the duo that follows the Darkhorse Comics “Dawn of the Jedi” Star Wars story line.

According to information provided, the song’s lyrical content focuses on the prisoner Daegen Lok, “who was exiled for prophesying the coming war between the Rakatans and the people of Tython.”

The musical arrangement featured in Vis Mystica’s new song is a power metal style composition that will appeal to fans of bands, such as Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, and Twilight Force. The opus features guest vocals from David Micheal Moote (Operus).

Dewer and McCray discussed the song’s creation in a prepared statement.

“We were much more confident with this release, due to the refinement of our sound and the astounding vocal talents of David Moote in the pre-chorus and chorus,” the statement said. “Definitely, a song that will be very popular live.”

‘Lux Et Veritas’ is available to stream and download through YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Amazon.

The full track listing for Celestial Wisdom is noted below.

Track Listing:
1. Whispering Winds of Fate (feat. Jonas Heidgert)
2. Legacy of the Builders (feat. David Michael Moote)
3. The Plains of Silence (feat. Jesse Isadore)
4. Lux Et Veritas (feat. David Michael Moote)
5. Beyond the Gates of Fury
6. On The Loose (Saga Cover) – (CD Bonus Track)

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