Waylon Reavis Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Courtesy: New Ocean Media

Former Mushroomhead front man Waylon Reavis is battling colon cancer.

Reavis, who currently fronts the rock band A Killer’s Confession, made the announcement Sunday at Headbangers Con. According to Reavis, the news is not all bad.

“Unfortunately, two months ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and my heart crashed,” said Reavis. “My father passed away from this at 58 years old, and my mother passed at 39 from breast cancer. I was just waiting for my time. Luckily they caught it early, and they were able to cut it all out. I have had four removed, but they keep growing fast. I have changed my entire diet, thanks to my wife and taking medications. I may have to battle this the rest of my life, but I am going to live my life happy and FIGHT!”

In other news, Reavis revealed during his discussion that A Killer’s Confession is hoping to release its next, as yet untitled album in 2021. Information provided about the album states that the record’s lead single ‘ Remember’ is scheduled for release Jan. 27.

Reavis talked about what audiences can expect from the new album.

“A couple of songs are about my cancer and about my father,” said Reavis. “Those songs mean a lot to me. I cannot wait for everyone to hear them! I’m really excited about this one. Every album I write is different and will never be the same as the others. This one is both heavy and melodic. I took myself back to my roots. It’s what the fans want, so I always like to give them what they have been waiting to hear. 

A Killer’s Confession released its latest single ‘Last Chance’ and its video April 9. The song started airing on radio stations nationwide on July 16.

Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead) talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“It is about an individual who has burned all bridges in their life and are on their last chance to make it right,” he said. “’Last Chance’” is a scream for forgiveness of past decisions we have made and how ashamed we can be from things we do.”

A Killer’s confession features Reavis on vocals, his step-son Morgan on drums and fellow former Mushroomhead member Tommy Church on guitar. JP Cross performs on bass.

More information on A Killer’s Confession’s new album, single, video and live dates is available along with all of the band ‘s latest news at:




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