PBS Proves Again, Its Importance In Phil’s Picks 2020 Top 10 New Documentaries List

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution/WNET

Documentaries, it would seem, are more important in today’s world of television and movies than ever before.  What with the seeming never-ending ocean of prequels, sequels and remakes being turned out by the major movie and television studios, and the equally endless ocean of dumbed down “reality tv” competition shows and dramas being turned out by television studios, documentaries are now the last way for audiences to get anything original, let alone truly engaging and entertaining.  To that end, it goes without saying that there is just as much for a list of the best new documentaries each year as for any other category.  Keeping that in mind, Phil’s Picks has created just such a list once again this year.  As with past years, this list is composed primarily of titles from PBS, the very last bastion of truly family friendly and worthwhile programming.  They come from PBS’ most beloved and respected series, Nature, Nova, and Secrets of the Dead.  One is even a standalone presentation that will appeal equally to lovers of cats and dogs.

As with each past year’s list of top new documentaries, this year’s list features the Top 10 new documentaries and five additional honorable mention titles for a total of 15 titles.  Without any further ado, here is Phil’s Picks 2020 Top 10 New Documentaries.


  1. Nature: Okavango: River of Dreams
  2. Secrets of the Dead: Abandoning The Titanic
  3. NOVA: Guess Who’s Driving
  4. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
  5. Secrets of the Dead: Bombing Auschwitz
  6. NOVA: Why Bridges  Collapse
  7. Cat and Dog Tales
  8. NOVA: Rise of the Mammals
  9. NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives
  10. NOVA: A To Z: The First Alphabet/How Writing Changed The World
  11. ZZ Top: That Lil Ol’ Band From Texas
  12. NOVA: Secret Mind of Slime
  13. Nature: Bears
  14. NOVA: Human Nature
  15. NOVA: Decoding DaVinci

Next up from Phil’s Picks is 2020’s Top 10 New Family DVDs & BDs.  Stay tuned for that.

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