Death Dealer “Conquers” The Power Metal Realm With Its Latest LP

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Power metal outfit Death Dealer officially returned this year with its latest album.  The band’s third album, Conquered Lands is a presentation that will appeal to the band’s fans just as much as to those of the power metal genre.  That is proven in no small part to its infectious musical arrangements.  This will be discussed shortly.  Its lyrical themes add their own appeal to its presentation, and will be discussed a little later.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements and will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, they make the album a successful new offering that conquers the land of power metal.

Death Dealer’s third full-length studio recording Conquered Lands is a presentation that power metal fans will agree lives up to its name.  It definitely conquers the power metal realm.  That is proven in part through its featured musical arrangements.  From start to end of the 11-song presentation, the arrangements lend themselves easily to comparisons to works from the likes of Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, and Sabaton.  That is evidenced in the soaring guitar lines, front man Sean Peck’s equally powerhouse vocals, and rhythm section pairing of bassist Ross The Boss and drummer Steve Bolognese.  For the most part, the arrangements maintain a relatively high energy.  However, there are some moments that while slower, are still heavy in their own right.  Case in point is the album’s slower but still very heavy title track.  It is not until even more than halfway through the nearly five minute song that it picks up the pace.  That increase in tempo and energy is only temporary, though.  It does slow back down to the heavy, sludge style sound and style with which it opened.  ’22 Gone’ is another of the album’s slower tunes that is still so powerful even being a more introspective composition.  That these two slower moments are thrown into the mix gives listeners some variety in terms of musical arrangements, making for its own share of interest for audiences.  The whole of the arrangements forms a strong foundation for the record.  Building on that foundation is the equally diverse lyrical content that couples with the record’s musical content.

The lyrical content that is featured in Death Dealer’s new album is important because unlike its musical counterparts, is even more diverse.  From beginning to end, audiences get a lot of different topics.  The whole thing opens with a song about the famed Marvel Comics character Dr. Strange in the form of ‘Sorcerer Supreme.’  ‘Every Nation,’ the album’s second song takes things in a completely different direction with its proud, fist-pumping anthem that declares the strength of metal and its audiences.  Peck goes so far as to say here, “They don’t understand us/We’re kicked to the curb/Often we scare them/And leave them disturbed/We like it that way/We don’t care what they say.”  He goes on later in the song to note, “If the world was all metal/We never would fight/We would just bang our heads/And get drunk every night.”  This could not be more true.  Metal and hard rock actually does more good for its audiences than bad for any aspect of society.  Real scientific studies that have been done support Peck’s statements.  This is just one more way in which the diversity of the record’s lyrical themes is exhibited.  ‘Faith Under Fire’ and ’22 Gone Today’ take on some very serious social issues.  ’22 Gone today’ tackles the issues of PTSD that military personnel endure long after they leave battle, as well as the physical damage that they deal with.  ‘Faith Under Fire’ meanwhile takes on the topic of the religious divide in America.  Of course, the band also takes on some lighter issues, such as apparently the tales of King Arthur and his knights in ‘Hail to the King’ and even ancient Egyptian culture in the album’s title track.  Between all of that, the seeming fantasy-based ‘Slay or be Slain,’ the call to union among metal heads that is ‘Running With The Wolves’ and the vampire-esque tale in ‘Beauty in the Blood,’ no doubt is left as to the importance of this record’s lyrical content.  While the lyrical themes featured in Conquered Lands and their companion musical content collectively do a lot to make the album widely appealing, they are just a portion of what makes the album a success.  The sequencing of the collective content puts the finishing touch to the album’s presentation.

The sequencing of Death Dealer’s new album is important because as noted, the album stays largely the same stylistically and in terms of the songs’ energies.  Save for the two noted moments, the album’s energy remains relatively high.  What is really important to note of it all is that the changes in the arrangements are just subtle enough from one to the next to keep the album interesting.  The changes are not overpowering, but not too subtle.  They are just enough that audiences can hear them through a close listen.  That in itself is important to address because it shows in its own right, a certain attention to detail throughout the album.  What’s more, the sequencing also shows that the lyrical themes do not stay too closely related from one song to the next.  This adds even more enjoyment and engagement for audiences.  Between that and the impact that the sequencing of the album’s musical arrangements has, the whole of the record’s sequencing clearly presents its own importance to the album.  When it is considered along with the albums overall content, the result is a record that succeeds because of its content and the very presentation thereof. 

Death Dealer’s new album Conquered Lands is a successful new offering from the power metal super group.  That is proven in part through its musical arrangements.  The arrangements are mostly familiar up-tempo power metal anthems.  However, there also is some slower but still very heavy content added in to the mix for a whole that will keep audiences engaged and entertained just from this aspect.  The diversity in the album’s lyrical content adds its own level of appeal to the album.  As noted the lyrical content ranges from the real to the fantastical to something in-between.  This in itself is sure to keep listeners’ attention.  The sequencing of that collective content puts the finishing touch to the album’s presentation.  The subtle changes in the stylistic approaches to those high-energy arrangements do just enough to keep listeners engaged and entertained.  The constant change in the album’s lyrical content through that sequencing builds even more on the importance of the album’s sequencing.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, the album proves that it lives up to its title.  It is available now.

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