Devin Townsend Offers Audiences Another Of 2020’s Top New Live Recordings With ‘Order Of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1’

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Late this past October, famed prog-metal star Devin Townsend released his latest live recording Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1.  In an age when live music has been all but extinct save for a bunch of livestream  shows (which are still happening until real live music can finally return), this latest live offering from one of metal’s most respected names proves to be a welcome new option for audiences.  His first new live recording since the release of his 2018 recording Ocean Machine: Live at the Ancient Theater, this 16-song concert offers audiences plenty to appreciate, beginning with its set list.  This item will be discussed shortly.  Townsend’s performance (and that of all involved) of the set list adds to the recording’s appeal.  The recording’s production rounds out its most important aspects and will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of this recording.  All things considered, they make Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1 a work that Devin Townsend’s fans will all welcome in their home libraries.

Devin Townsend’s latest live recording Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1 is an enjoyable new offering from one of prog metal’s most respected figures.  That is due in part to the recording’s set list.  The 16-song set list lifts heavily from Townsend’s 2019 album Empath, featuring six of the album’s 10 songs along with songs from his 1998 album Infinity, his 2012 record Physicist, 2013’s The Retinal Circus, and 2009’s Ki.  Next to Empath, Ki gets the second most nods at four.  What is really interesting here is that what the set list offers audiences, is a look at his solo work and some of his work under the Devin Townsend Band and Devin Townsend Project banners.  While maybe not necessarily a career-defining set list, the set list does give audiences at least a good starting point for audiences in an examination of his wider body of work.  To that end, the set list featured in this concert, which in fact was part of Townsend’s tour in support of Empath, gives audiences plenty to appreciate in its own right.  The performance of that set list by Townsend and all involved adds even more to the recording’s appeal.

The performance put on by Townsend and his fellow performers is a statement in itself as to what makes this recording so enjoyable.  The group’s performance of ‘Genesis’ is a prime example of the importance of the performances.  The intensity of the group’s performance in the song’s heavier moments contrasts so well with the gentile nature of the performances in the song’s lighter moments.  The backing vocalists, with all of their harmonies, add their own positive touch to the performance, too.  Townsend’s focus, and that of drummer Morgan Agren, throughout the performance creates a solid base for the performance.  The whole makes the performance just one example of what makes the overall performance aspect here such a positive.

On another note, the group’s performance of ‘War’ proves to be its own example of what makes its performances so important to the overall aspect of the recording.  The song starts off light and easy, but gradually gets more intense as it progresses.  The energy exuded by the group as the song evolves and grows translates that energy change even more.  The fire that grows in Townsend and company as the song progresses is intense and will certainly keep audiences engaged.

Much the same that has been said of the performances noted here can also be said of the group’s performance of ‘Deadhead.  The intensity and focus is just as prevalent here as it is in any other performance of the song that Townsend has presented in concerts past.  Keeping that in mind along with the other noted performances and those that make up the remainder of the recording, the performance of the overall set list makes for even more entertainment and engagement for audiences.  It is everything that audiences have come to expect from Townsend and company.  It is just one more element of the recording that audiences will appreciate.  The recording’s overall production rounds out its most important elements.

The production presented in Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1 is its own positive in that it brings together all of the video and audio so well.  Noting the rather intimate setting for the concert featured in this recording, it was obviously easy for the sound and video to be anything but what it was.  Luckily though, the result was surprisingly impressive, despite that aspect.  The audio was well-handed, taking into account the low ceiling and relatively tight setting.  Rather than let any performance become one giant wall of sound, every performer’s part is expertly-balanced with that of his/her counterparts.  At the same time, those behind the lenses made the most of the situation, showing audiences how tightly packed the audience was and even how little space Townsend and company had to work with even on stage.  The camera transitions and their pacing plays right into the songs’ energy, making for even more engagement and entertainment.  The whole gives audiences at home a fully enjoyable experience right from the warmth and safety of their own homes.  When this aspect is considered along with the concert’s overall set list and the group’s performance thereof, the whole becomes yet another impressive live offering from Devin Townsend that any of his fans will enjoy.

Devin Townsend’s latest live recording Order of Magnitude: Empath Live Volume 1 is another positive, engaging, and entertaining presentation from one of prog metal’s most respected and talented figures.  That is proven in part through its set list.  The set list does well to help promote Townsend’s latest album Empath.  It additionally does well to help serve as a starting point for audiences who are perhaps les familiar with Townsend’s extensive body of work.  That is because it also pulls from his Devin Townsend Project and Devin Townsend Band catalogs.  The performance of that set list by Townsend and company adds its own share of entertainment and engagement for audiences.  That is because they are everything that audiences have come to expect from Townsend (and his fellow performers).  The recording’s production puts the final touch to its presentation.  Between the audio and video, audiences have the best seat in the house.  What’s more, considering the confines of the concert hall, the production proves that much more appealing and puts the finishing touch to the recording’s presentation.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the recording.  All things considered, the recording in whole proves itself to be one of 2020’s top new live recordings.  It is available now.

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