Soraia Premieres New Double Single; Announces New Livestream Performance

Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records

Soraia is opening the new year with some new music.

The band released its new vinyl single today through Wicked Cool Records. The two-song single’s a-side is its new original song ‘Tight-Lipped.’ It is accompanied by Soraia’s cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Angel,’ which features the band’s Wicked Cool label mate Jesse Wagener on guest vocals.

Audiences can stream and download both songs here.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Tight-Lipped’ boasts the same raw, bluesy classic rock style and sound that the band presented in its 2020 album Dig Your Roots, the band’s third album. Vocalist ZouZou Mansour’s performance pairs with that of guitarist Nick Seditious and drummer Brianna Sig to make the steady rocker an infectious work that will stick with listeners. Bassist Travis Smith adds his own touch to the song to completely flesh out the arrangement.

The lyrical theme that accompanies ‘Tight-Lipped’ is something of a socially conscious message according to Mansour.

“‘Tight-Lipped’ is about a woman who politely refuses to challenge the status quo and direction of her life,” she said.  “It’s a final recognition of the part she has played in her own oppressive censoring – a soulful rebuke of her former beliefs on how to live. But by the end of the song, it becomes a triumphant declaration of who she now is: “‘Meet Ophelia–no more promises. I refuse to be so tight-lipped.'”

Soraia’s cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Angel’ is worth its own listen as it stays largely true to its source material while also giving the song a welcome update. Seditious’ guitar work is right there with that of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry while the duality in Mansour and Wagner’s vocals creates a unique vocal performance here. Rather than just re-create the airy effect of Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler’s performance in the original, the duo has crafted a performance that is tighter and possibly better than that of the original.

Wagner’s performance here follows that of her recently released original holiday single ‘What Christmas Is To Me‘ and her debut album Shoes Droppin, which she released last year.

Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records/Earshot Media

In other news, Soraia is scheduled to hold a livestream performance at 8 p.m. ET on Jan. 15 to celebrate the premiere of the band’s new music. The event will stream live from The Bowery Electric. Tickets for the event are available and are good for viewing through Jan. 22.

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