Slow Draw Debuts New Double Single, ‘Pessimist’

Courtesy: Paper Street Cuts/GTG Records/Rizan Records

Independent alt-punk band Slow Draw released its new single this week.

The band released its new dual single ‘Pessimist’ Monday. The A-side/title track features an accessible musical arrangement that will appeal to any punk an even pop punk fan with its melodic approach and fuzzed guitars.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s infectious musical arrangement is just as accessible as that noted musical content. It centers on a person facing the familiar inner battle of trying to overcome feelings of depression and self-doubt. That is evidenced easily in the chorus in which front man Todd Allen sings, “Can I expect the worst/Or hope for the best?” We have all been at that point numerous times in life and face that point many times as life progresses. The melancholy vibe makes for an interesting contrast to the song’s catchy musical arrangement, making for even more interesting for listeners.

‘Glorious,’ the b-side to ‘Pessimist,’ takes a slightly different musical approach than ‘Pessimist.’ Where ‘Pessimist’ was more of a punk/pop punk style work, ‘Glorious’ is more of a mainstream style work. The guitar arrangement and vocals pair to conjure thoughts of Seven Mary Three. That contrast of stylistic approaches and sounds makes for even more interest for listeners.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement is its own introspective presentation, too. While ‘Pessimist’ was more about a person dealing with the familiar issue of that inner emotional struggle, this song’s lyrical theme comes across more as a social commentary of sorts. It comes across as a discussion about what society has become.

‘Pessimist’/’Glorious’ is available to stream and downaload now through the band’s official Bandcamp page.

More information on ‘Pessimist’ is available along with all of Slow Draw’s latest news at:



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