Wreck-Defy Debuts ‘Scumlord’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: SubLevel Records

Wreck-Defy debuted the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band — Matt Hanchuck, Aaron Dandall (ex-Annihilator), Greg Christian (ex-Testamant), Alex Marquez (ex-Malevolent Creation).– debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Scumlord‘ Saturday. The song and its video are the third from the band’s 2020 album Powers That Be. Its premiere follows that of the album’s current singles, ‘Freedomless Speech‘ and ‘Skin.’

The video features the song’s lyrics playing over images, such as cocaine, people buying drugs, and people holding weapons as the song’s thrash style musical arrangement plays over it all. The imagery is used to help translate the song’s message about the dangers of drug use and the consequences of people buying and using drugs.

The musical arrangement, as noted, follows the band’s familiar thrash style approach that it has taken in its two previous albums. What’s interesting here is that Randall’s vocal delivery style is similar in sound to that of Dope front man Edsel Dope. So what audiences get is an old school metal sound from the instrumentation and a more modern touch with the vocals. The juxtaposition of those elements makes for a song that will appeal widely to audiences.

More information on Wreck-Defy’s new single, video, album and more is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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