Hyro The Hero Debuts New Single, ‘Retaliation Generation,’ Companion Lyric Video; Announces Livestream Show

Courtesy: Atom Splitter PR

Independent rapper Hyro The Hero debuted his latest single this week along with its companion video.

The rapper (a.k.a. Hyron Louis Fenton, Jr.) debuted his new single ‘Retaliation Generation’ and its lyric video Friday. The song features guest vocals by Ice Nine Kills front man Spencer Charnas. Charnas’ familiar vocal delivery style compliments Fenton’s own familiar flow as he raps about what today’s youth is going through. Meanwhile, the familiar Rage Against The Machine style musical approach for which Fenton has come to be known joins the noted vocal performances to make the song complete.

The lyric video for ‘Retaliation Generation’ places the song’s lyrics over a post apocalyptic backdrop, complete with images of zombies, a perfect fit for Charnas. That is because Charnas and his Ice Nine Kills band mates are known for crafting songs based off of horror flicks. In the case of this song though, the imagery is used to help translate the message in the song’s lyrical content.

Fenton talked about the song’s lyrical content during a recent interview.

“I think this song captures the emotion of what this generation feels in this crazy time we are living in,” he added. “It’s full on attack mode right from the beginning it’s such a great feeling when an artist like Spencer helps take a song like this to the next level. I want anybody who listens to this song to be a voice. Stand up for what you believe in.”

Additionally, Fenton talked about the song’s creation, including the addition of Charnas’ guest vocals.

“‘Retaliation Generation’ is a great song that represents the style of music I have come to be known for,” said Fenton. “Having Spencer sing the hook and Matt Good on production blasted this track into ‘anthem’ territory.”

Charnas added to Fenton’s thoughts with his own comments.

“I think with everything going on in the last several years, our generation is holding people accountable,” he said. “It’s a movement in terms of a ‘You ain’t getting away with this s*** anymore.’ It’s a battle cry. I think it’s got such a cool overall message of not letting trials and tribulations of the world get you down. I think people can be their own worst enemy, and this is a song of empowerment. You can fight for what you believe in. It’s up to you to put up or shut up.”

Hyro The Hero’s collaboration is just his latest big name team-up. He most recently worked with Hellyeah and former Mudvayne front man Chad Gray on the inspirational song ‘Fight.’ Prior to that song’s release, he worked with Disturbed front man David Draiman on the song ‘We Believe.’

Courtesy: Atom Splitter PR

In other news, Hyro The Hero will host a livestream even at 4 p.m. ET today through his official Twitch channel. Charnas, AJ Channer (Fire From the Gods), and Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) will also make appearances during the livestream show. Fans can RSVP here. Additionally, Hyro The Hero will be a guest for Fire From the Gods’ own livestream even Jan. 30. Tickets for that event are available here.

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