Parents, Educators, Kids Alike Will Enjoy Kelli Welli’s Latest LP

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Family music entertainer Kelli Caldwell (a.k.a. Kelli Welli) is scheduled to release her latest album this week.  Let’s Go Pistachio!, her fifth studio recording, is a presentation that pre-schoolers, their parents and teachers alike will appreciate.  That is due in part to its musical content, which will be discussed shortly.  The lyrical content that accompanies the record’s musical material adds its own appeal to the presentation. It will be discussed a little later.  The sequencing of that collective content puts the final touch to the record’s presentation, bringing everything full circle.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Let’s Go Pistachio!  All things considered, they make the record a presentation that while that audiences might not go nuts over (yes, that awful pun was intended), but will still appreciate.

Kelli Caldwell’s latest album Let’s Go Pistachio! is a work that will appeal to a wide range of listeners.  From pre-schoolers up to second graders, this record offers plenty to like.  Parents and educators will equally appreciate the record as it proves itself a useful tool in helping raise and educate the noted younger audiences.  Its musical content is just one of the aspects that makes it so appealing to audiences.  The record’s musical content is so important to address because while the record was marketed as a country music style presentation, the 15 songs that fill out the record’s body offer more than just country music.  Case in point is the musical arrangement featured in the album’s title track.  That song’s arrangement features a distinct rockabilly style arrangement complete with solid time keeping and infectious guitar work.  ‘I’m Proud of You,’ on another note does present a subtle country music influence in its arrangement.  At the same time though, the song is more of a lullaby type composition that just so happens to have a touch of a country music influence.  On yet another note, ‘Jumpin Beans’ is anything but country in its musical approach.  Yes, there is a guitar and what sounds like either a banjo or mandolin (or possibly both), but the work in whole is more of a standard kindie pop style work than country composition.  It’s just one more way in which the musical content featured in this album proves its importance.  When taken into consideration with the arrangements at the center of songs, such as ‘We’re Almost There,’ ‘Growing Like A Stringbean,’ and maybe ‘Can’t Find My Appendix,’ the subtle variety in the record’s musical presentations becomes even more evident.  That subtle variety makes even clearer, the importance of the album’s overall musical content.

While the musical content that makes up the body of Kelli Welli’s new album does its own share to make the record appealing, it is just one part of what makes the album stand out.  The record’s lyrical content creates its own appeal for audiences.  That is because it is even more diverse than the album’s musical content, and more clearly so at that.  From celebrating the power of imagination through the use of something as simple as a hat in the album’s opener, ‘The Hat Song,’ to a silly song that plays on something as simple as alliteration (‘Peanut, Pinenut’), to a song that helps children learn about the importance of patience in ‘The Waiting Song’ and its companion ‘We’re Almost There,’ audiences get a wide range of topics here.  That’s just a sampling of the diversity in the record’s lyrical diversity.  ‘I’m Proud of You,’ which comes a little more than halfway through the album, will connect with grown-ups and children alike with its reminder that parents are proud of their children no matter what.  ‘Tonight I’ll Be Brushing One Less Tooth’ is a song about a child losing his/her baby tooth and the excitement that the child in question feels in losing that tooth.  Children will connect easily with this concept while grown-ups will be taken back to their own childhoods in hearing this work.  Simply put, the album’s lyrical content shows great diversity from start to end, covering a lot of ground.  That variety will help serve as a solid starting point for a variety of topics for parents and educators alike.  To that end, it generates even more appeal for audiences.  Together with the subtle changes in the musical arrangements, the two elements collectively make the record’s content reason enough in itself for children and grown-ups alike to hear this album.  The overall content is still just a portion of what makes the album so appealing for audiences.  The sequencing of that content puts the finishing touch to the album’s presentation. 

The sequencing of Let’s Go Pistachio! is important to examine because of its role in keeping the album diverse in terms of its content.  Additionally, the sequencing plays into the balance of the album’s energy throughout its run.  As noted, the album covers a lot of ground in terms of its lyrical content.  The sequencing ensures that the record’s lyrical content changes constantly from start to end, keeping things interesting enough.  Also as noted, the record is being marketed as a country music style presentation, yet there are some subtle changes in the songs’ arrangements that audiences will catch when they listen closely.  The painstaking efforts to sequence the album while keeping this in mind paid off.  Audiences will agree to this.  That subtle touch will certainly keep audiences entertained in its own right.  There are hints of bluegrass here.  There are more blatantly forward country music tunes, too.  Additionally there are influences of other styles thrown in, as has also been noted, too.  The change in those styles from beginning to end adds its own enrichment to the record, showing even more, the importance of the album’s sequencing.  The sequencing of the album regards to its energies puts the final touch to this presentation.  Over the course of the record’s first half, the energy moves at the right pace and in the right directions at all of the right points.  It opens in upbeat fashion through its first two songs before pulling back in ‘She’s So Bright,’ the record’s third entry.  The more relaxed energy carries on in ‘Growing Like A String Bean’ though that song’s arrangement is slightly more upbeat than that of ‘She’s So Bright.’  What audiences get in the latter, in other words, is a subtle return to the higher energy in which the album opened.  It is not until ‘Tinkle Tinkle Toot,’ which come just past the record’s midpoint, that the energy pulls back again.  From there the album’s energy remains relaxed until the album reaches ‘Kickin’ It With My Chicken.’  From there, the energy actually gets slightly more relaxed right up to the end of the record in ‘We’re Almost There.’  The overall picture is that of a record whose energy rises and falls at all of the right points, to the end that is keeps things just as interesting as the sequencing of the record’s content.  When all of this is considered along with the content itself, the whole leaves listeners knowing by the record’s end, they have listened to a work that is another of this year’s top new family music albums.

Kelli Caldwell’s new album Let’s Go Pistachio! is a strong new offering from the up-and-coming family music entertainer.  That is evidenced in part through its musical arrangements.  The subtleties in the mostly country-style arrangements change things up just enough from one song to the next to keep listeners engaged and entertained through this presentation.  The lyrical content that is featured alongside the record’s musical content adds even more appeal for listeners.  That is because it presents its own expansive diversity.  It covers a wide range of topics that parents and educators alike can use as starting points for lessons on the topics in question.  The sequencing of all of that content and in regards to the record’s overall energy puts the finishing touch to the record’s presentation, ensuring in its own way, listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  It makes certain that the record never becomes monotonous as it changes things from one song to the next.  It brings everything full circle.  When it is considered along with the record’s content, the whole of the album proves itself to be a pleasant new presentation from Caldwell that deserves its own spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.  Let’s Go Pistachio! is scheduled for release Friday.  More information on the record is available along with all of Caldwell’s latest news at:




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