Ian Abel Band Debuts New Single, ‘Not Afraid To Die’

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

The Ian Abel Band debuted its latest single this month.

The band, fronted by its namesake, debuted the song ‘Not Afraid to Die‘ Jan. 3. The song, available to stream and download here, made its unofficial debut in a promo for a match between Cody Rhodes and Darby Allen for the TNT title at November’s All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view event, Full Gear.

Clocking in at just over two-and-a-half minutes in length, the song features a simple southern rock style arrangement. The dual acoustic/electric guitar pairing and its sound immediately lends itself to comparison to Bon Jovi’s timeless song ‘Wanted Dead or Alive.’ The airy, echo effect used in the arrangement adds to its depth and appeal.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement makes a statement about not being afraid of anything because the song’s subject has been to the lowest point possible in life. That sentiment pairs well with the ominous sense in the song’s musical arrangement.

Abel talked about the song during a recent interview.

“I wrote and recorded this song specifically for Cody Rhodes,” he said. “It was originally intended to be the Double or Nothing, Cody vs Dustin, promo, but Cody preferred ‘Shoes.’ At the time, AEW was just beginning and I wanted to write something that I thought captured Cody’s trailblazer like spirit. In hindsight, the song was better suited for the video package which included, Steve-O, Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin. Three very original performers who have paved their own way into history. Something I admire and am attempting to do myself.”

Abel released the song ‘Shoes‘ in 2019 as the music bed for a promo for the noted match between the Rhodes brothers.

The debut of Ian Abel Band’s latest single comes more than two months after the debut of the band’s then latest single, ‘All For Love.’ ‘All For Love’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on Ian Abel Band’s latest single is available along with all of the Ian Abel Band’s latest news and more at:https://www.facebook.com/ianabelband.

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