Film Movement Announces Domestic Release Date For Indie Import

Courtesy: Film Movement

Film Movement is bringing the Israeli drama God of the Piano to American audiences.

Originally released in 2019, the movie is scheduled for domestic release Feb. 16 through Film Movement on DVD. The family drama centers on the relationship between a mother and her deaf son, and how her relationship with her own father played into her relationship with her son.

Anat (Naama Preis — The Grave, Tel Aviv, Azimuth) is a woman whose life is music. It is all that she has. She has tried to live up to her father’s own musical legacy, but has never reached his level. As a result, when Anat has her own child, she pushes the boy to become a musical prodigy, essentially trying to force him to be what she wants him to be. This leads her to confront her own dysfunctional relationship with her own musician parent.

The trailer for God of the Piano is streaming here.

As an added bonus, the movie features the short film The Audition as extra content. Directed by Guy Lichtenstein, the story centers on a young woman named Sarah. Sarah has an unexpected run-in with someone from her past while performing at a wedding. the short runs approximately 22 minutes.

God of the Piano was nominated for the Big Screen Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and for the “Best Israeli Feature” at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Preis received the award for “Best Actress” for her role in the film at the festival.

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