L.A. Guns Debuts New Single, ‘You Can’t Walk Away’

Courtesy: Golden Robot Records

L.A. Guns debuted its latest single this week.

The band debuted its new single ‘You Can’t Walk Away‘ Thursday. The song is the fifth single from its album Renegades, which was released Nov. 13 through Golden Robot Records. Its debut follows that of the album’s current singles, ‘Crawl,’ ‘Well Oiled Machine,’ ‘All That You Are‘ and the album’s title track.

‘You Can’t Walk Away’ is an interesting addition to Renegades because it really defies everything that audiences have come to expect from L.A. Guns throughout its life.  Yes, there is a little bit of a ballad type of approach here.  At the same time though, the production, the choruses, and the instrumentation really throws back to the 1960s and some very distinct influence of The Beatles.  It really is the album’s most surprising and engaging work because of that approach.  That musical aspect, with all of is production and emotion works with the song’s familiar lyrical content about a relationship, to make the song even more appealing.

The noted lyrical theme is mad clear right from the song’s outset as front man Kurt Frohlich sings, “Nothing’s right/Gonna be a long way home tonight/A lover’s fight/I’ve been away too long/Another day rolls by/And it feels like an old friend/But nobody wants to do it/No one seems to care/And nobody wants to listen anyway/You can’t walk away/Something inside is telling you/Why is it so hard to do/You can’t walk away/When it all falls apart/Leave with your heart.”  The theme is made even clearer in the second verse, in which Frohlich sings, “Nobody pays your precious way/Thought it was an easy thing to do/But when you turned around something told you/Go back to where they know you/You can walk away/Something inside is telling you/Why is it so hard to do/You can walk away/Still it all falls apart/Leave with your heart.”  Keeping all of this in mind, the song’s lyrical theme remains relatively clear.  This deals with the emotional difficulties that come with a breakup.  The addition of the song’s subdued musical arrangement adds even more to the song’s overall impact.  The two elements jointly make this song one of this album’s most notable and important works.

Drummer Steve Riley talked about the song during a recent interview.

“This is a song I wrote with a friend, Tommy Holland, over 35 years ago in Chicago,” said Riley. “I brought it to pre-production for the Renegades album and the band finished it with a new chorus and some other minor changes. We are very proud of it and hope it follows in the footsteps of Ballad of Jayne.”

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