Erica Rabner Announces New LP Release Date; Debuts New Single’s Video

Courtesy: Sticky Jams

Family music entertainer Erica Rabner will release her new album this month.

Raber announced Wednesday, she will release her new album, simply titled The Covid Album Feb. 17. The 14-song album addresses topics related to the ongoing pandemic, such as the emotional strain of being forced to be away from family and friends, dealing with having to wash our hands and wear masks, and even the vaccines that are being used to help combat the pandemic.

Rabner debuted the song’s unofficial first single, ‘Wash Your Hands‘ last year. ‘Love Trumps Hate‘ followed later in October. ‘Grandma, I Miss Ya‘ premiered Wednesday.

The latest single was the reaction to Rabner losing her grandmother in 2020, which she addressed during a recent interview.

“It broke my heart that I couldn’t hug her for the last six months of her life,” said Rabner. “It hit me that at the core of my sadness was a simple emotion of longing that so many kids are experiencing right now. It’s a song of longing rather than loss.”

The track listing for The Covid Album is noted below.

  1. Real Talk: Morning Routine 0:28
  2. Up and Roaring, It’s Finally Morning 2:00
  3. Real Talk: Wearing Masks 0:22
  4. Mask On 3:04
  5. Real Talk: Missing Family 0:36
  6. Grandma, I Miss Ya 2:50
  7. Real Talk: Playing Alone 0:26
  8. Imagination Station 2:45
  9. Real Talk: Feeling Sad 0:16
  10. Manage Your Feelings 2:31
  11. Real Talk: Handwashing 0:04
  12. Wash Your Hands 2:39
  13. Shots Keep Us Safe 2:45
  14. Love Trumps Hate 2:52

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