Tracy Bonham Debuts New Single, ‘Me Symphony,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Melodeon Music

Tracy Bonham will release her debut children’s album this spring.

In anticipation of the release of the album, Young Maestros Vol. 1, — set for release April 16 — the Grammy-nominated rock star debuted the album’s lead single Friday in the form of ‘Me Symphony‘ along with its companion video.

The single debuted through BrooklynVegan. The song and album come through Bonham’s own label, Melodeon Music House.

The song features a musical arrangement that has a distinct New Orleans jazz style approach. That approach is especially evident in the song’s clarinet and horns. Bonham meanwhile sings alongside the instrumentation almost in the style of a stage performer.

The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement is a message of empowerment, according to comments that Bonham made during her interview with BrooklynVegan.

“I grew up with crippling insecurity as a child, especially when it came to expressing myself,” she said. “I would hide behind my mother’s legs if anyone approached me. The stage, on the other hand, was my place to express myself and not hide in the shadows, or behind instruments. If I can impart one thing to children it is that you do not have to hide or have the perfect instrument, or the perfect circumstance, to feel empowered and strong and use your voice”.

Pre-orders for Bonham’s new album are open now.

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