MXRTY THE PXRTY Debuts New Single, ‘WANNIT ALL,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Earshot Media

Rap artist MXRTY The PXRTY (a.k.a. Martin Dovali) premiered his debut single and video this week.

The independent rap artist debuted his new single ”Wannit All‘ Friday, along with its companion video. The song was produced by multi-platinum-selling producer Steve Wilmot (OneRepublic,U2, Shawn Mendes).

video features Dovali performing his single against a variety of backdrops while the song plays over that whole.

Dovali talked about the song’s creation during a recent interview.

“I really wanted some eye catching visuals for the video,” he said. “I’m talking weird projections, bright moving lights, and artistic colors. I was fortunate to get to work with Sean Sweetman and not only did he make all of those things happen, but he literally put me inside of a digital world like a video game (and not like Tim & Eric lol)! You would have to watch the video 100 times to see how much detail went into the visuals. Couldn’t be more stoked, it’s F**** Stunning!”

The single’s musical arrangement uses electronic elements and beats that collectively make it a whole that holds its own against works from Dovali’s more well-known counterparts in the rap world. The lyrical content featured with the song’s musical arrangement is just as accessible as the song’s musical content.

Dovali talked about the song’s lyrical theme during the noted interview.

“It’s an anthem for any individual who has grinded their whole life and never gave up with massive unapologetic aspirations,” he said. “In collaboration with longtime friend & producer Steve Wilmot, we teamed up to create a powerful, groovy bop with a chorus you’ll be singing with conviction throughout the day.”

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