Record Kicks Announces Release Date, Specs For ‘The Black Stone Affair’ Soundtrack; To Release Soundtrack’s Lead Single Next Month

Courtesy: Record Kicks

News from independent record label Record Kicks is renewing interest in a little known Italian movie.

The label announced Tuesday through a press release, it will release the soundtrack to the movie The Black Stone Affair April 9. The movie was written and directed by then up-and-coming writer/director Stefano Paradisi. Had the movie ever seen the light of day, it would have made Paradisi as popular and respected as his more well-known Italian counterparts, Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni, according to those who worked on the film.

Although the movie likely will never see light of day, the discovery of the master reels for the movie’s soundtrack, and their restoration has led to its forthcoming release. The soundtrack was crafted by the independent music collective known as Whatitdo Archive Group.

In anticipation of the soundtrack’s pending release, Record Kicks will release the soundtrack’s lead single, ‘The Return of Beaumont Jenkins ft. Alessandro Alessandroni Jr.’ March 5. Its release will come in a limited run of 45s. Alessandroni is the son of Alessandro Alessandroni Sr., who worked with the likes of Ennio Morricone on a variety of soundtracks, including those from movies helmed by Sergio Leone.

According to information provided about ‘The Return of Beaumont Jenkins’ by Record Kicks, the song was intended for the final scene of The Black Stone Affair. A statement which addresses the song and scene was featured in the news release about the soundtrack and song. It states, “every hero needs a victory theme and ours, Beaumont Jenkins, finally receives his. After a bitter bullet-fueled showdown against Blood Chief, maestro Alessandro Alessandroni Jr’s iconic whistle can be heard across the expansive desert backdrop. Led by driving tremolo guitars and a pizzicato string ensemble, the music dramatically explodes into a victorious piano solo that carries our wounded hero away into the sunset, the elusive black stone in hand”.

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