The Flower Kings Debuts ‘All I Need Is Love’ Video

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

The Flower Kings debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘All I Need is Love‘ Thursday. The song is the fifth single from the band’s latest album, Islands. The album has also produced the singles, ‘Broken,’ ‘Morning News,’ ‘From The Ground,’ and ‘Black Swan.’

The video for ‘All I Need is Love’ features the band performing its new single while also presenting stories of people in love in different situations. There is an interracial couple, an elderly couple, other couples, and even people alone, but still happy. The visuals are meant to help translate the song’s message of tolerance, acceptance, and simply spreading love in every way, not just romantic love.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘All I Need Is Love’ blends elements of The Flower Kings’ own stylistic approach with touches of other prog rock bands’ styles, including but not limited to Pink Floyd.

The band offered some insight into its new single and video in a prepared statement.

“Hasse Fröberg – this is his contribution, ‘All I Need is Love’ – to the latest album Islands,” the statement reads. “The only member, besides Stolt, from the original first line up of The Flower Kings that started in 1994. Still with the band many moons later – vocalist, guitar-player,rock star. This video was recorded around Christmas time – some of it outdoors!  A traditional multi-part prog-rock song penned by Fröberg – that has all the elements that put the Swedish ‘kings’ on the progressive map worldwide.”

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