Beth Jean Announces New Album Release Date, Specs

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

Family music entertainer Beth Jean will release her latest album this spring.

Jean is scheduled to release her new album Let’s Put On a Show April 9. Her sophomore album, it was inspired by her love of theater.

Jean talked about how that love of theater played into the album’s creation through a prepared statement.

“I adore classic Broadway musicals with their big tap numbers, belt-at-the-top-of-your-lungs show tunes, and glitzy, sequined costumes,” said Jean.  “I like the idea of people listening to this album and envisioning their own shows. It reminds me of growing up, pre-YouTube, and imagining what the choreography looked like and what the storylines were of the Broadway albums that I listened to. If there’s a message in Let’s Put On a Show, it’s ‘Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to sing and dance your heart out to these fun, silly songs! Embrace what makes you – you!’”

Fans of The Muppets will enjoy the album’s title track. According to information provided about the song, it was inspired by “The Magic Store” from The Muppet Movie. Jean even performs a tap number in the middle of the song.

The Star Trek-inspired song ‘No Gravity’ and ‘You Are Magic!’ pay homage so to speak, to TV shows from the 1980s. ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Whoopsie Daisy!’ remind young listeners to keep their heads up no matter what.

Other notable works featured in the song are songs, such as ‘Wadddlin We Go (Penguin Song),’ ‘Tweet a Little Tweet Tweet,’ and ‘I Am a Hamster, Yes I Am Sir!”

Let’s Put On a Show is aimed primarily at listeners between the ages of 9 and 11. The 25-minute record will retail for MSRP of $9.99.

More information on Jean’s new album is available along with all of her latest news at:



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