PBS Distribution’s First-Ever ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ DVD Box Set Is A Largely Successful Presentation

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/PBS Kids

Parents looking for a way to entertain and educate their children while they wait out the end of the COVID-19 pandemic have a new option thanks to PBS Distribution and Fred   Rogers Productions.  The companies released a new collection of episodes from PBS Kids’ hit animated series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood last month in the form of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic 50 Pack.  Released Feb. 9, the three-disc set is a positive presentation, though not perfect.  The positive and negative alike come from the matter of the set’s featured episodes.  This will be discussed momentarily.  The set’s average price point plays its own important part to the collection, considering the amount of content featured here.  It will be discussed later.  When it and the content are considered together, the collection in whole remains a mostly successful presentation.

PBS Distribution’s recently released DVD box set presentation, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic 50 Pack is an interesting new collection of episodes from the hit animated PBS Kids series.  The collection succeeds in part because of its content.  As the set’s title infers, it is composed of approximately 50 stories from the show.  They represent more than half of Season One’s 40 total episodes.  Specifically, approximately 25 Season 1 episodes are featured in this collection.   Even more interesting here is that the episodes actually run in chronological order to a point.   That chronological presentation ends at episode 17, which features the stories, “Good Morning Daniel,” and “Good Night, Daniel.”  From there, the episodes become random in their ordering.  That is a bit confusing that the episodes would run in order, but only up to a point.  That aside, that audiences get the majority of Season 1 featured in this collection and largely in chronological, is itself a strong starting point for the collection.  It is certain to appeal widely to audiences.

While the vast amount of content featured in this set and its overall sequencing is in itself quite positive, it does lead to one issue.  That issue is that the episodes cherry pick from the series’ previously released standalone DVDs so to speak.  Audiences who own that multitude of standalone DVDs will find many but not all of this set’s featured episodes in those discs.  Even with so much of Season 1 featured here, this presentation allows for the removal of only two of the noted standalone DVDs.  They are Life’s Little Lessons and Daniel Tries Something New.  In other words, it barely saves audiences any space in their homes.  The DVD Welcome to the Neighborhood features the stories, “Daniel’s Birthday” and “Daniel’s Picnic,” both of which from Season 1.   However, it also features the episode, “Neighbor Day,” which is featured later in Season 1 (Episode 29 to be exact), so removal of that DVD (if audiences own it) is impossible for the moment.  For another example of the concerns raised through the set, the story “Clean Up Time,” another Season 1 story featured in the new Tigertastic 50 Pack, is featured in the standalone DVD, Daniel Visits The Farm.  It is accompanied by other episodes, “Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm,” “Daniel Uses His Words,” and “Margaret’s Bathtime.”  “Daniel Uses His Words” is featured in the new box set, but the other noted episodes come from other seasons.  Again, here audiences are going to be left feeling compelled to retain this DVD because no other set featuring the episodes exists.  For yet another example of how the  featured episodes pose a problem here, the Episode 2 story “Daniel Visits The Doctor” is featured in the DVD Daniel Goes to The Doctor while the episodes “Daniel Gets a Shot” and A Stormy Night” are also in this standalone presentation and the new box set.  However, their companion episodes (six in all) come from later in Seasons 1 and 2.  So yet again, audiences who own this DVD still cannot eliminate it from their home libraries.  Long story short here, the impact in terms of being able to eliminate the standalone Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVDs is minimal at best even with this extensive new box set.  Sure, it would have been great to have had the whole of Season 1 here, but had that happened, the set’s average pricing would be more expensive than it is.  Speaking of the set’s pricing, it rounds out the set’s most important elements.

The average price point of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic50 Pack is $16.31.  That number was obtained by averaging prices listed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Barne & Noble Booksellers, and PBS’ online store.  It was not listed through Books-A-Million at the time of this review’s posting.  Considering that the set features more than half of the series’ first season in near full chronological order makes that price appealing in its own right.  Walmart’s listing of $20.96 is the most expensive of the listings, though it should be stressed that the list in question is through DeepDiscounts, one of the many outlets with which Walmart partners to sell product.  The company does not have its own listing for the box set.  Amazon and Best Buy are the best buy in this case, with their listings of $11.99 each.  Barnes & Noble Booksellers and PBS each list the collection at $19.99 while Target lists the set at $13.29, a not-so-bad mid-range price listing.  When audiences look at these prices and take each into account along with the amount of content, they will agree that save for that listing through DeepDiscount, the listings are affordable and prices worth paying.  That is even as they near the $20 mark.  Clearly the set’s prices will not break any viewer’s budget, and audiences will get their money’s worth here.  Keeping all of this in mind, audiences will agree that even though the impact in terms of replacing the series’ standalone DVDs is minimal at best, it is still a positive first official box set from this beloved PBS Kids Series.

PBS Distribution’s recently released Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD box set is a presentation that audiences will agree is largely a successful offering.  That is proven in part through its episodes.  The episodes in question compose more than half of the series’ first season.  To be exact, they represent 25 of the first season’s 40 total episodes.  While the episodes featured in this set make for quite the presentation in themselves, their impact in terms of replacing the standalone DVDs that have seen release so far is minimal.  At best, no more than two of those DVDs can be replaced by this set.  It is a bit of a detriment for those who own the show’s many standalone DVDs released so far.  At the same time, it does not make the set a failure.  It will just leave audiences wishing they could have replaced more of those discs.  With any luck, the second half of Season 1 will see release sooner rather than later, so that audiences can replace even more of those DVDs.  The set’s average price point and most of its separate listings are less than $20.  that is another positive, especially considering the amount of content featured in this collection.  When it and that overall content are considered together, they make the DVD in general a success and a successful first box set from the series.  The collection is available now.

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