Gemini Syndrome Gets Philosophical In Its Latest Single

Courtesy: Century Media Records

Gemini Syndrome debuted its latest singe and video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Die With Me‘ Friday, along with the song’s video. The song is believed to be included in the band’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled album.

The song’s premiere comes approximately two months after the debut of the ban’s then latest single, ‘IDK‘ and its video. Additionally, it comes more than three months after the debut of the band’s single, ‘Reintegration‘ and its video.

‘Die With Me’ is the most radio-ready of the band’s current crop of singles. That is evidenced through the song’s musical arrangement. The arrangement is a heavy, melodic rock composition whose catchy, simple choruses pair with the more controlled sound and approach to make it a fit for any active rock radio programmer’s play list.

According to front man, Aaron Nordstrom, the lyrical theme, which adds its own appeal to the song, focuses on the topic of self-realization and discovery.

“23, Shakespeare, The divine wedding of yin and yang… ‘Die With Me’ is an invitation for the listener to come along on the journey of self-discovery with us, which ultimately leads to the death of the lower self and the resurrection of the higher self,” said Nordstrom. “Lao Tzu said, ‘The one created the two, the two created the three, and then came the 10,000 things.’  2 and 3 respectively correspond to the male and female energies. 2 being a single line and 3 being a triangle or vessel. Therefore 23 signifies the merging of the seemingly opposite energies of male and female.”

Drummer Brian Steele Medina expanded on Nordstrom’s comments.

“In our life we have many deaths, and many reincarnations, and these experiences transform us into a more complete version of our true self…Though while we’re going through it, it’s often uncomfortable, painful, and we tend to avoid these spiritual growth spurts because we’re more comfortable sitting in our pain and s***, than walking through it,” said Medina. “So, after we’ve walked through enough of these challenges, we might seek out that person, or tribe whose combined experience could help each other traverse that path to transmutation.”

The video that accompanies the song incorporates imagery that is used to help illustrate the song’s lyrical theme. That imagery looks occult in nature, but is not. It blends with footage of the band performing its new single in what is meant to reflect what looks like the band performing live.

Nordstrom addressed the visual elements.

The video for ‘Die With Me’ shows a different side of death than we’ve shown before,” he said. “Even though we’re all fatally wounded in some way, we’re still performing and extending our invitation. Maybe the girl is performing a ritual to help our souls cross the river styx? Or to keep us animated in our now, dead state.”

Medina expanded on Nordstrom’s comments.

“Our video for ‘Die With Me’ is designed for the watcher to be exposed to certain signs and symbols and evoke a spiritual experience,” he said. “It depicts a young initiate performing a ritual at her sacred altar. The blindfold symbolizes that her quest for truth must begin within. She contemplates time, and she laments death and learns that time is an illusion. She scribes the language of her heart as she cries out to the Universe, (Uni-Verse = The One Song.) And we’re all dead, so that’s cool too.”

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