The Workday Release Premieres New Single, ‘You,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: ENCI Records

The Workday Release debuted the second single from its forthcoming album this week.

The act, the brainchild of singer-songwriter David Ottestad, debuted its new single, ‘You‘ Friday along with its companion video. The video premiered through American Songwriter.

The song’s premiere follows that of the album’s lead single, ‘Say A Lot With Light,’ its lyric video, and official video, which itself premiered March 12. Both songs are featured in The Workday Release’s forthcoming album, Like the Light of Stars, which is scheduled for release April 16 through ENCI Records.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘You’ is another gentle, piano-centered composition. The accompanying string arrangement, subtle time keeping, and backing choral effect pairs with Ottestad’s own vocals to make the song so powerful even in its simplicity.

The lyrical theme that accompanies ‘You’ touches on the familiar topic of romantic relationships, as pointed out by Ottestad in his interview with American Songwriter.

“‘You’ is a really special song for me in that, while it’s very much a love song, it’s more honest than I’ve ever been in a love song about who I am as an individual,”  he said. “I spend so much time in my head kind of deconstructing myself and the world around me and I know it’s been overwhelming at times for the people I’ve been in relationships with to feel me constantly withdrawing into myself. It’s one of the reasons I never thought I’d get married. The idea of marriage felt like a burden, a limiter, and one more layer of complexity for me to obsess over. I was wrong, obviously. I’m married now and my relationship with my wife is the opposite of these things.”

“I still spend time in my head, I still wander off into myself, but she’s a presence that constantly grounds me in that nature,” added Ottestad. “Lyrically the song is about that effect she has on me. I wanted the video to reflect this concept of me getting lost in myself and her being a guiding light and thought a long tunnel would be an effective setting as that symbol visually. I got to direct and edit the video myself which was important to me as someone who is a fan of the filmmaking process but also wanted to make sure the video accurately felt like what I internally experience.”

As Ottestad noted, the video that accompanies ‘You’ features himself making his way through a tunnel. He walks away from a light at one end and toward another light at another end of the structure, illustrating the message in the aforementioned lyrical theme visually.

The track listing for Like the Light of Stars is noted below.

‘Like The Light Of Stars’ Track Listing:

1. Say A Lot With Light

2. You

3. I Do

4. The Future

5. Hospital Grounds

6. Going Up In Flames

7. Every Voice I Hear Is Mine

8. Sunlight

9. Keep Out The Wolves

10. Circles

11. Six Feet From Defeat

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