The Emma Garell Band Debuts New Single, ‘Bad Intentions,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: The Label Group

The Emma Garell Band debuted its latest single last week, along with the song’s companion video.

The band debuted its single, ‘Bad Intentions‘ March 25. Its debut was accompanied by the debut of the song’s video through Ghost Cult magazine.

The musical arrangement featured in the independent rock band’s new single is a driving, guitar-centered composition. The up-tempo work is a modern rock style opus that will appeal to fans of a band, such as Garbage.

Guitarist Dylan Lawson talked about that and more in relation to the song during a recent interview.

“The sound this song encapsulates is like an amalgamation of light Bloc Party (definitely Silent Alarm era), Paramore, Garbage, and a dash of some classic rock influence thrown in mostly on the solos…like maybe some Blue Oyster Cult type beat,” he said. “There’s definitely 70’s hard rock flair on the song overall. But those other sounds kind of rest in my ears.”

Added Lawson, “It has the catchy, dancey, memorable nature you’d hear from hits by Bloc Party and Paramore, hell even Garbage. But, it also has that musician-friendly obscurity and finesse to it that still makes it stick out and simultaneously give reminiscence to the “old school rock n roll” types.”

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the news release distributed this week about the debut of the new song and video. From what one can infer from the song’s lyrics, they center on someone who is questioning the fidelity of his/her partner. Considering that the song is sung here by Garell, one would have to assume that the song is sung in this case from a female vantage point.

The ‘Bad Intentions’ video is a simple presentation. It features Garell performing the song in front of a mic as the song title runs across the screen time and again. The color changes constantly throughout the video, too.

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