CMG Announces Details For Forthcoming British Crime Noir Double Feature

Courtesy: Cohen Media Group

Cohen Media Group has a new film noir double feature scheduled for release later this month on Blu-ray and DVD.

The forthcoming collection features the 1946 flick Wanted for Murder and the 1955 movie Cast a Dark Shadow as its primary content. The movies are classic British noir movies.

Wanted For Murder stars Eric Portman (49th Parallel, A Canterbury Tale, The Whisperers) as Victor, the son of a hangman. Thanks to his father’s occupation, Victor eventually goes crazy and starts starts strangling women, essentially emulating his father. However, when he meets and falls in love with Anne Fielding (Dulcie Gray — The Glass Mountain, The Franchise Affair, My Brother Jonathan) he has to suppress his urge to kill even her.

Cast a Dark Shadow stars Dirk Bogarde (Death in Venice, The Servant, Darling) and Margaret Lockwood (The Lady Vanishes, Night Train to Munich, Jassy) in the lead roles. Bogarde stars as playboy Edward Bare, who has developed a knack for marrying women and then killing them and taking their money. However, Charlotte Young (Kay Walsh — Oliver Twist, Stage Fright, The Horse’s Mouth), the sister of one of Edward’s victims is determined to bring him to justice. Things take an extra interesting turn when one of Edward’s latest wives tells him she wants to keep their accounts separate, leading to another murder plot. Charlotte’s plan plays into this matter in its own way.

The double feature will retail for MSRP of $19.95 on DVD and $29.95 on Blu-ray.

More information on this and other titles from Cohen Media Group is available online now at:




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