Hyro The Hero Debuts New Single, ‘Legendary’; Plans New “Mixtape” Project

Courtesy: Atom Splitter PR

Independent rapper Hyro The Hero debuted his latest single this week.

The rapper (a.k.a. Hyron Louis Fenton, Jr.) debuted his new single, ‘Legendary‘ Friday. The song features a guest appearance by Atreyu co-front man Brandon Saller. The composition comes more than two months after Fenton premiered his then latest single, ‘Retaliation Generation,’ which itself featured a guest appearance by Ice Nine Kills front man Spencer Charnas.

‘Legend’ is a departure of sorts, stylistically, for Fenton, even in comparison to ‘Retaliation Generation’ and his other recent singles, ‘Fight‘ (which featured Hellyeah/Mudvayne front man Chad Gray on guest vocals) and ‘We Believe‘ (which features Disturbed front man David Draiman on guest vocals). The song is heavy and Fenton’s flow is as solid as ever here. Though the addition of the more subdued momentary vocals provided by Saller in the choruses makes for a softer, more melodic approach. It gives this song its own unique identity separate from that presented in ‘Fight’ and ‘We Believe.’

‘Legendary’ was co-written by Fenton, Saller, Matt Good, Dan Jacobs, and Travis Miguel. Good additionally produced the song.

According to Fenton, the song’s lyrical theme is a contemplative presentation.

“‘Legendary’ is a look into the life and feeling of a champion,” he said. “I wanted to express how it would feel in my mind to make such an impact on the world that you are considered a legend.”

Additionally, Fenton spoke warmly of Saller and his band mates’ participation in the new song.

“I’m so happy that Atreyu was able to be a part of this song and that Brandon Saller lent his amazing vocals,” added Fenton. “They have been in the game for years and bring an actual legendary power and life to it. This is such an epic track and my goal is that it will inspire others to lean into their greatness.”

Saller returned Fenton’s sentiments about collaborating.

“Hyro first got put on my radar maybe seven years ago by a good friend, Fred Archambault,” said Saller. “Since then I’ve had my eye on what he was doing. Last summer, we did the Disrupt Festival with him, and he blew me away at every show. His energy was amazing and we immediately hit it off. When the opportunity came to be on a track with him, I had no hesitations. This song has such a vibe to it and has so much power. I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

‘Legendary’ is the first song from a new “mixtape” presentation that Fenton announced. The project is dubbed Kids Against The Monsters. Fenton presented a statement about the project early this week through Knotfest. Knotfest will feature a series of interviews with Fenton in the coming weeks to look deeper into his new project. Charnas and Gray are among the guests scheduled to appear in the noted interviews, hinting that ‘Fight,’ ‘Retaliation Generation,’ and ‘We Believe’ might end up inthe mixtape project, too.

Kids Against Monsters is scheduled for release later this year. Its exact release date is under consideration.

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