Talk Show Host Debuts New Single, ‘Blood In The Sand,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Wiretap Records/Disconnect Disconnect Records

Independent pop-punk band Talk Show Host debuted its latest single this week, along with the song’s companion video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Blood in the Sand,’ Friday, along with the song’s video. The song is featured in the band’s forthcoming album, Mid-Century Modern, which is scheduled for release in June through Wiretap Records and Disconnect Disconnect Records. The album’s exact release date is under consideration.

The track listing for Mid-Century Modern is noted below.

‘Mid-Century Modern’ Track Listing:

1. U A$Shole!

2. Blood in the Sand

3. Crisis Actors

4. Warmest Condolences

5. Sorry, My Mistake

6. Syntax Error OK

7. Up to No Good

8. Too Many Problems

9. The Ballad of Jack Nance

10. Lame Duck

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Blood in the Sand’ is a catchy, up-tempo pop punk opus. The infectious choral element and guitar arrangement pair with the solid but simple time keeping to make for plenty of appeal. Fans of bands, such as Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, and The Dangerous Summer will especially enjoy this musical presentation. The song’s lyrical theme makes for its own interest.

Front man Chris Veinot discussed the song’s lyrical theme and its video during a recent interview.

“The lyrics recount the plot of a non-existent delinquent teen movie I dreamed about during a full moon, something from the mid-to-late 60s that could’ve been directed by Al Adamson or Ray Dennis Steckler,” he said. “The title doesn’t sound like what the song sounds like, but it was the name of the picture in the dream. We might have destroyed the fabric of space & time if we’d changed it, y’know?”

“The video has nothing to do with the song and everything to do with the fact that we are still under lockdown and all we have footage of is cats,” added Veinot. Sincere apologies to all the dog persons.

More information on Talk Show Host’s new single, video, and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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