Saliva Unveils Re-Worked Version Of Its Classic Song, ‘Click Click Boom’

Courtesy: Megaforce Records

Saliva released another single from its forthcoming EP last week.

The band unveiled a re-worked take on its classic song, ‘Click Click Boom‘ Thursday. The song is the second single from its forthcoming EP, Every Twenty Years, which is scheduled for release 7 through Megaforce Records. The band debuted the EP’s lead single, a re-worked version of ‘Your Disease‘ last month.

While there are many similarities between the original and updated version of ‘Click Click Boom,’ there are also clear differences. The differences are most clear from the second verse on. The vocal delivery of current front man Bobby Amaru and former front man Josey Scott become evident over that course of time. There are also changes to the guitar line between the two renditions.

Founding member and guitarist Wayne Swinny talked about re-working the song in a prepared statement.

“Re-recording ‘Click Click Boom’ was much easier than the original recording because we already had the blueprint laid out for us,” he said.  “There was no need to alter anything because the original had all the right pieces in all the right places. We simply used the advances in modern technology to enhance the song sonically.”

Pre-orders for Every Twenty Years are open now. Along with re-worked takes of ‘Click Click Boom’ and ‘Your Disease,’ the record also features updated versions of ‘After Me,’ ‘Greater Than/Less Than,’ and ‘Spyhunter’ and a cover of Soundgarden’s hit single, ‘Spoonman.’

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