Authority Zero Announces Release Date, Specs For New EP; Premieres Lead Single’s Lyric Video; Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: Earshot Media

Authority Zero is scheduled to release its next studio recording this month.

The veteran punk outfit is scheduled to release its new EP, The Back Nine April 30. The five-song EP was produced by Cameron Webb (Sum 41, Pennywise, A Day to Remember, Motorhead, Megadeth).

Front man Jason DeVore said in a prepared statement, the record’s songs follow a central lyrical theme.

The Back Nine EP is a catalogue of five songs that exude heavy rhythm, melodies, and a strong and passionate lyrical content,” he said. “They are songs directed toward right and wrong with intent to lift people up with hopes of a better future and mindset during our recent events and darker times.”

The track listing for The Back Nine is noted below.

‘The Back Nine’ EP Track Listing:

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Fire Off Another

The Back Nine

Seas and Serpents

Have You Ever

In anticipation of the five-song record’s release, the band debuted the lyric video for the EP’s lead single, ‘Fire Off Another‘ last month. The video features the song’s lyrics presented against a post apocalyptic backdrop that includes imagery, such as children climbing on and riding tanks, war planes flying over a mountainous landscape, and a nuclear bomb blast as the song plays over the imagery.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Fire Off Another’ is, as DeVore noted, an upbeat composition. The stylistic approach, what with its vocals, heavy guitars, and solid time keeping lends itself to comparison to works from Offspring.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Fire Off Another’ would seem to tell the story of two people who are in a non-stop argument with one another over an unknown topic. Considering the visuals used in the song’s lyric video, the assumption has to be made without any explanation from the band about the song, that the song addresses the division between Americans over so much going on in the world today.

Additionally, the use of the children in the video perhaps is meant to illustrate how the arguing makes grown-ups seem more like immature children. That is all just this critic’s own interpretation and should not be taken as gospel.

In other news, Authority Zero has also announced two new live dates. The dates, scheduled to take place this summer, are noted below.

Upcoming shows:

June 10th Rocky Point Mexico

June 18th Marquee in Tempe, AZ

More information on Authority Zero’s new single, EP and more is available online now at:




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